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"Get Yer Mumbos Out" (FL/LWV) trip reports


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Frankly EXCELLENT day, so thank you to everyone who came, this has been my first Live for around a year, and I really did enjoy myself, and the ERT was brilliant. Mumbo Jumbo is a great ride, and Flamingo Land a top park for being so accomadating.

Cheers all!


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I had big fun.

Massive thanks to the following:

Harvey, for providing a door to door service on Saturday. The man is made of win.

Karen and Phil, for taking us aaaaaaall the way back to Leeds today. Much time and faff saved. =D

Ed, for his rocky road.

Will is a colossal goon.

Ian, for the awesome bags of sweets and other exciting things, and general organisation of the day.

Slayed, for awesome ERT. I don't think my knees have recovered yet.



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Pierre said:
LOL errr new tweet from LWV...

"CoasterForce you rumour mongers!!"
I can't see exactly what we've tweeted from work, but if the Marketing manager answers your questions it's usually implicit that it's not a secret! :?

I did expect Ash to kind of fob me off when I asked what their future plans were, but he openly talked about The Rat, Hornet's Nest and T'Ultimate.

I liked Ash and he was really good to us so I hope we've not dropped him in it!


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Instead of people commenting on ****ing Facebook, please can they comment about the photos on here instead? Or at least c&p it.

It does irritate me that people talk about it on FB and not CF. It is CoasterForce Live, not Facebook Live. Many thanks. :D

I had a superb time. Currently feeling rather ill. When I can concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time, I'll write upa report.


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I agree actually Ian :)

I still always look in these topics to get the feel for how the Live was, and I miss it. I don't follow it on Facebook as it's too disparate - you can't get a flow easily of the trip in the way you do in properly typed reports. I will use Facebook to host my photos, but the actual report and discussion I stil llike to see here :)


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Thb Slayed he probably told you stuff so it did get out, free publicity.

I dont do trip reports on Facebook I just load the pictures there, trip reports I do on CF. I posted the links so people can see the pictures they are in and tag them etc.

If people load 200 pictures in the trip reports it just takes an age to load :( I wish there was a way that when we post Facebook links it would display the pictures here as well rather than need to load them onto Photobucket or some other hosting site.


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I just cherry pic my images and make them public access so they can be linked on here - as you would with imageshack etc. It works for me, then you link through to the whole collection for those who want to see it all :)

Anyway, more reports please :)


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Ok will test if that works with a picture now, last time I could not get it working :(

I can not get it working, why? I have a MAC no right click so I can not get the photo link. Found a way :)



Happy ERT riders on the Ultimate.


Ian enjoyed the wheel chair ride :)

Will do a proper report later now I know how :)


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^ That's because you're not linking directly from an image.

I don't mind the albums being linked on CF, it's just when I see "9 comments" for the album and I'm wondering what the **** they say! Why not just write your comments on here. A fair amount of time and effort goes into organising these Lives and it nice to know what people actually thought by reading it on here.


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marc said:
Ok will test if that works with a picture now, last time I could not get it working :(

I can not get it working, why? I have a MAC no right click so I can not get the photo link.

Yep, you need to copy the image location. Erol will be able to tell you how to do a mouse right click :)


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How are the injuries people? I'm not bruised but various parts of my body giving me grief :lol:.


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Day 1 Flamingoland.

As most people know and took the piss we stayed at a caravan on site at Flamingoland, trust me when I say these are better than a Travel Lodge. The living room has loads of space and there its a kitchen so all is good, plus the entry ticket is included :)



We done our 5 min walk to the park to wait for the group, we were the only ones in the park lol


The rest of CF arrived and off to the first coaster of the day, the kiddy Mine Train coaster.




Happy riders lol

We were going to Velocity next but it was bust, so off to the Mouse.


Velocity was now open :) so that was next.



Ian looks happy.

Off to the Corkscrew, which was not that rough.


The people that had not done the kiddy coaster got the credit, the rest of us waited.

Off to Flip Flop which I did not do last year so was looking forward to it :)


Then some of the group done the Splash Battle to get soaked.





We then broke for lunch and met back up at the drop tower, once people had done that off to the slides for typical CF fun.




Off to Kamali long queue due to only one train :(



The 2nd train lol

As we had loads of time we went to the zoo, I am not going to link loads of animal pictures. This is the first time I had ever done the zoo, it was ok a few animals and it passed the time well :)

We met back up for our Mumbo Jumbo ERT.






The coaster is fun, not rough and the hang time is not to bad. Yes I would not like to queue an hour for it, but I did like it and every ride was different depending on the weight in the car.

Was a good day and lots of laughs were had.

Thanks Ian and Flamingoland for the ERT great end to the day :)


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Quick post from me until I get around to sorting photos out and doing some quality control on them. :lol:

The Flamingoland group photos haven't turned out well :(
They're a bit hazy and blurry but that's down to my mistake by accidently putting my camera in portrait mode rather than auto.
I'm going to see what I can do to them and post them once I've had a play.

Aside from that, I had a bloody brilliant weekend. I was knackered at Flamingoland, but that didn't spoil the day too much. The ERT on Jumbo was fantastic, great ride too, exceeded my expectations.

Lightwater was great. ERT on Ultimate was brutal but seriously good fun! 7 rides on that and I'm still feeling the pain. The many bruises and lumps are starting to appear now too.

Great to see everyone again and meet new people. Feels as if I got to know a lot more people this Live too. Great to meet Manda, Nadia, Emmmerrrr and David Morton.

Just a few thanks!
Ian for all the driving, organising and party bags
Big John & Tanya for floor space and food
All those that stayed at Big John and Tanya's for the laughs we had, my ribs still hurt!
Stone Cold for the lift to and from Flamingoland
Both Flamingoland and Lightwater for the ERT sessions
And everyone else that went for making it a great Live.


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My thighs have bruises from the Ultimate.. Slayed can testify to my cries of pain on that ride haha :lol:

Had an absolutely brilliant weekend. Thanks to everyone who went! Just proves even the smaller parks in the country can be ace with the right people.

See everyone at Chessington (I can't stand busy Thorpe) hopefully. :)


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Arrived nice and early at Flamingoland, had to queue up outside the gates to get in. That was handy as I’d be parked front row and I needed to do several trips to/from the car throughout the day.

Nearly everybody arrived on time. Those who didn’t, did inform me so we weren’t hanging around. Everybody seemed impressed with their bag of e-numbers and tat.

First stop was the Mine Train Coaster. I sat next to Harvey. Not much else to say really. I did see that David Morton looked a bit sheepish as he rode it. I guess he’s used to riding shameful kiddie coasters in smaller groups where nobody is looking :p

I did plan to scrub off Corkscrew and the Dragon coaster next but they were closed so Velocity it was. Velocity had a problem when we arrived at the queue entrance so we headed towards Wildmouse instead. On the way over I spotted a certain bearded engineer heading towards Velocity :D

So Wildmouse bollocks coaster was done next. The sun had really started to shine through now. Pierre and his family arrived at this point. I sat out of the Wildmouse bollocks coaster ads I despise them.


Velocity was roaring away now, so off we headed back to Velocity. Very short queue – perhaps about 10 minutes? I sat next to Vadge who had to hold her boobs in throughout the ride. The seat position and general shake of the coaster isn’t good if you’re wearing a cheap bra.


Then some of us did Navigator, the disko. Yes I sat out and chatted with Karen for a while. Tom, Nadia (with camel toe), Jordan and Ed arrived at this point.


Next stop was the Corkscrew and Dragon coasters. Meh. I sat next to Raybould on Corkscrew – I had to you see. Hopefully Big John will post a video explaining why… I sat out of the Dragon coaster.


Few LOL moments between these ride. Vadge wearing the "Dyke Box", Phil losing half his party bag thanks to a wasp (a lot of wasps this year!) and bubble blowing.
We then walked over towards the wet area. Flip Flop first – more or less walk on. I sat out :D Then Splash Battle. Again, I sat out.


Usual antics with the water cannons and various jets happened. Funniest water related fight bit was Dylan trying to burst a balloon filled with water. These weren’t cheap balloons! It took several throws before Big John twatted it to burst it.


Lunch. American Diner as usual. Tasted like a Rustler’s microwave chicken burger. Still the best grub in the park imo, for a half decent price. Still, bringing your own food is preferable imo.

After lunch, Ploddish brought home-made cake! Very nom it was as well. The chocolate was divine! Cliffhanger was the first ride after lunch. Again, I had to sit next to Raybould. I queued next to him, whilst talking to Nadia for the entire duration, but Raybould and me got split up. :cry: Wasn’t impressed. Cliffhanger was awesome as usual. This time it was bouncing, shooting and dropping.


The astroslide was next. I sat out but watched as the usual suspects (ie: Stone Cold) bullied his way to to the top of the stairs and down the slide.


Kumali beckoned us next. Longest queue of the day – nearly 30 mins. This time was spent trying out mega sour sweets curteousy of Peter and general chit chat. They needed two more seats filling before the CF train takeover, so I nomoinated myself and Raybould :wink: Just a point here – the loading and dispatch of the ride was abysmal. I don’t think the staff had a clue when it come to the Q-Busters.

Kuamli was ok, not as rough as previous seasons imo. The cobra roll and loop remain my favourite parts but it does peter out towards the end, as a member of the park management agreed with me later on!


From Kumali’s lift hill, I could see the Lost River ride has a massive queue, so I decided to drop that from the itinery. We (not me obviously!) did the Pile of Ship next. Usual COASTER-FORCE shouting.


So now we had done all the main attrractions, so that left the zoo. We caught the monorail over to the zoo. I used the queue time to inform everybody of the ERT plan for LWV the next day. Slayed had email confirmation around this point.

The zoo was quite enjoyable. I’m not a huge animal lover (aside from dogs). I’ve seen one tiger yawning, so I’ve seen them all. Was nice to be away from the loud theme park and have a peaceful walk in the sunshine. That’s all I saw it as.

There was a good hour or so until the park closed and we could have our Mumbo Jumbo ERT. Therefore it was "free time." Do the **** what you like and meet up here at this time.

I used this time to have some of the delicious cheese straws from the food place near Velocity. I also visited the tat shop in the food place. I was impressed with the tat and purchased some crap for CF competitions etc. They do need to advertise the shop a bit more. I doubt many people would ever find it.

We all gathered outside Mumbo Jumbo around 5:45 and waited 45 mins for our ERT to begin. The time was killed in usual CF fashion – water fights, faff and group photos.
Mumbo Jumbo ERT was great. I was a bit annoyed when people insisted on riding in certain groups – just split up and ride FFS! By being picky who you sit next to means less goes!

I really enjoyed the coaster. Unlike being on an Euro-fighter, I could actually feel the severity of the drop. As it fell, I could feel my body going in a direction that is not natural. I enjoyed the banked turns, I loved the upside down bit and the barrel roll that heads towards the ground. From start to finish the ride is a great fun. Yes, fun, fun fun. That’s what a good coaster should do – create fun times without trying too hard.


During the ERT, on the suggestion of Lee (The Undead Creature) we should do a "fat train". That particular train managed to clock the fastest time around the track ever! In case they are reading this – thanks to all the staff during the ERT! You were great and cheerful!

Nick told me that next year they’ll be putting a new ride in – which goes without saying – but it won’t be a coaster. Mumbo Jumbo was very much a last minute decision and one that paid off imo. Nick also said that he would like to see a launch coaster in the grassy space between the wet area and the monorail. That would mean two launch coasters at FL. He said he was also aware that a woody company are working on a launch… Nothing has been confirmed on the coaster front but it reassuring to know that they are on the pulse.

After the 30 mins ERT (I managed 4 goes), it was a relief to see CFers buying the ride photos. If the parks are happy enough to offer us such perks, it’s only fair we put a few quick back in their pockets. Thanks to those who did buy a photo or tat.

The Flamingoland day was ace. Short/no queues, beautiful warm sunshine, great company, no goons, ERT, cake, party bags. w00t!


(Images are turd, iPhone, no care taken etc. That’s also not the official group photo!)

Please keep the reports coming, with photos if poss!

EDIT: I don't know why the images aren't working, I copied the image link from Twitpic. I cannot be arsed to go through and sortit out. Sorry!)


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Right, finally been able to get on the computer :lol:

Will post link to images and selected images later.

What a great 2 days. Flamingoland is a great park, and I want to go again :)

Jordan Middleton loves Ciall Kennett, and Ciall Kennett loves Jordan Middleton.

Retrieving Brain at LWV was not a fun game. A foot of water and trench foot makes Ciall very moody.

Sorry to those who felt I was a bit down mid-way during LWV, I wasn't feeling very well and needed a bit of a rest. But I got better :) Thanks to those who asked how I was feeling :D

I think everybody at the live now knows whom convinced to me shave a certain part of my anatomy ;)

I have around 6 huge bruises from T'Ultimate, but it was very fun.

Being one of the first 5 CFers to find out about LWV future is great :D

Thanks to Ian, Slayed and everybody at the live. I'm very tired still and my voice hurts from trying to start both of the pirate ship 'Coaster...Force...'s.

As said, will post pictures and will comment further later :D