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Fights at theme parks.

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Nic said:
^^Just out of interest, how are you so sure they were travellers? And why the speech marks?

They were definitely travellers, the park was full of them, and I was using speech marks because I'm not sure what they really like to be called, I'm sure if Channel 4 or whatever can get away with calling them Gypsies I could.
I wrecked some kids **** at SFNE for trying to steal my Q-Bot.

I also gave some kid a black eye and bloody nose for punching me when I was at SFNE as a VIP for a photoshoot (No not the VIP tour i was legit VIP with special treatment and all) and this guy like 16 years old got pissed that I got to ride before him after he waited like an hour for batman and he pushed me so i just started kicking his ass until security took him away hahahahaha.

I saw a fight at Cedar Point between two ghetto people. Was funny as hell


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There are people who are talking about whether anyone has seen fights and bad arguments in theme parks? The discussion turned out very interesting when mostly all the people on the forum said that they have witnessed fights, usage of abusive language while argumentation in theme park and this issue isn’t something new and happens every other day. There was someone who said that he once saw a fight at Port Aventura between two Spanish men, one of them apparently seemed to be like a queue jumper. It was a worthy experience to see that PA allows the customers to deal those queue jumpers on their own and everybody was like a boss. Another person said that he saw a French guy who got punched in the nose by some American guy with the Teacups. His nose blasted and was broken. He was crying with a lot of pain and I ran towards his direction to help him. You may follow https://ifollow.com/theme-parks-emergency-alerts/ for getting more information and help.


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Fright Nights at TP this year. Not sure why I even bothered going anyhow, but at 3pm about 10 coach loads of travellers arrived and basically terrorised the place. Spitting on people, arguing with guests in queues, hitting actors, smoking in queues, kids swearing loudly. Standard traveller behaviour really, made a bad event even worse.


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