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Fights at theme parks.

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Has anybody ever seen fights or bad arguments at a theme park?

At Port Aventura a few years back, I saw a fight between two Spanish men, one supposedly a queue jumper. It was good to see that PA let the customers take queue jumpers into their own hands. :)


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At my second CF-Live (Thorpe Park- shocking to think that park could be in this topic) I saw a French lad get punched in the nose (well, flat palm of hand hit) by a chavvy lad by the Teacups. His nose exploded and was broken. I know it was broken because I rushed over and tried to help; got blood on me too if I remember correctly.

Security arrived and carted the chav away while a first aider tried to help the French lad. It seemed to be completely unprovoked and the French lad and his friends were absolutely stunned.

I also saw two groups of lads start fighting at Alton Towers, by the rapids one Halloween. They'd been drinking (I'd seen them in the tavern through the day) and must have decided they hated each other for whatever reason. There was about a dozen of them in all going at each other. Security were on them in seconds though, must have been following them. They soon got them split up and while a few ran, security got about half of them :)


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At WDW these two teenagers (part of a group) had had an argument, and one lashed out at the other. Then he chucked his bag on the roof of a kiosk. :lol:


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Went to thorpe once and there were loads of "travellers" in the park the whole day, most of which were queue jumping or being generally disrespectful. Was queueing for Rush when some of them tried to get in front of the group in front of us and the woman in the group in front of us told them to queue like the rest of us, so the "traveller" called her a b*tch and slapped her in the face. Security turned up (very relaxed) and took the woman who got hit away and let the "traveller" run off without even trying to follow her. That queue was about 20 minutes and it took about an hour and a half because "travellers" kept running through the exit which meant they couldn't start the ride, which even evented in some people who had queued for the ride getting tpld to leave because their seats had been replaced by "travellers" who just ran up the exit, stole the seats then made the queuers look like they'd pushed in!


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Fights happen quite often on SaW Alive!

Some people, when scared have a natural instict to lash out at whoever's scaring them (the actors) and then get expelled from the park. You see lots of people coming out of the fire exit doors! I wouldn't like to be an actor...

Why don't they restrict sales of drinks in the park and not let drinkers on the rides? They wouldn't remember anyway...


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^^Just out of interest, how are you so sure they were travellers? And why the speech marks?

I don't think I've ever seen an actual fight at a park, though I could've just blocked it from my memory. Although, last time I was at Thorpe I saw a guy in handcuffs being put into the back of a Police van out the front. He was remarkably calm. Probably too stoned to care.


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Yup. Worked security at 6FGAm for one season.

I lucked out though.

Every year on the anniversary of some gang banger guy's death, gangs from Chicago and Milwaukee converge on the park, which often devolves into a brawl/near-riot. The two years I was in Rides, the fights were pretty bad that day. The year I was in security, it poured raining, and they stayed home.

Was first on scene to one fight, but usually I was second or third. First is less fun.


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not really a fight, bt i had to have strong words with some chav at thorpe park after he spat at my girl friend.

all my gf did was "tut" because he pushed passed us in a que...

kinda ruins the day though when **** like that happens


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There were at least 3 fights on Scarefest weekend at Alton Towers, the park was full of travellers on the Sunday and the queue jumping was horrendous. It became very intimidating once they were all trollied by 7pm, me and alot of TTF left the park at that point as they were just starting on randomers.


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I'd just boarded Furius Bacon at PortAventura when (shock) it went down. Then what appeared to be the entire queueline began shouting and waving their arms around in Spanish, before a fight kicked off between a group of about 10 people, most of which didn't know each other, apparently. Security turned up, they were escorted off the ride, everyone cheered and clapped, the end. According to Mrs Ride Host Woman, it was because they were queue jumping through the entire queue line, and everyone had enough. Win, I guess.

Also the Pikey events at UK parks. Ughh.


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Six Flags over Georgia-I was at the Halloween fest many years ago and about 5 huge fights broke out throughout the day. Cops were chasing people, it was nuts. They don't even serve alcohol in the park.


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In the US when you work for a Theme Park you just have to say the word '' Sheiff '' and trouble makers calm down and excuse themself .

I ve seen so many fights over at Disneyland Paris or either at Parc Asterix . Parc Asterix has enforced its security system . The Plolice Station at Parc Asterix is Backstage !


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Seen a few at Thorpe Park over the years, not helped by the casual security! A lot of the fights seem to be caused by queue jumpers, or the people being queue jumped. My girlfriend got knocked over in the Stealth queue line by a fight behind us.


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1st time visiting Six Flags America, a women that wouldn't fit in the Batwing seats, Started yelling at the 20 year old ride ops thinking they could do something. Literally scariest thing in my life when your only 55 inches tall, and everyone bigger than you. Some people were even climbing the queue gates and trying to watch.


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When I first rode Green Lantern at SFGAdv, a guy didn't like the fact that another guy bought something at the stand and went back to his group. The guy that got the stuff from the stand was pushed and the other guy was escorted out.
Also, when I went to Hersheypark, there was a fight. 2 men line jumped on Lightning Racer and another man didn't like it. So they started punching. Blood was drawn and they all were escorted out of the line. I guess this happens alot.


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Saw a few people have heated arguements when I worked at Chessington. Once we got word that some kind of 'gang war' had erupted at Thorpe Park. Fights between people were spreading from ride to ride. Only a few offenders but nonetheless, a headache for the security team.


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My DAD got into a fight at Kings Island, our home park. We were queueing to ride The Beast at night (which if you've never been, the line gets LONG at night) and some snot nosed teenage boys cut us. He then proceded to curse at them and argue until an employee came and broke up the verbal argument and kicked the boys out of the park. I laughed and gave my dad a high five. XD

Also, we were queueing for Backlot Stunt Coaster once and these 12-ish year old kids in front of us started roughhousing and cracking inappropriate jokes...IN THE LINE FOR A FAMILY COASTER WITH LITTLE KIDS AROUND!!!

Also, my dad and my sister were queueing for Tomb Raider (at least that's what it was at the time) and even though I wasn't with them since I don't like that ride, they complained about some college guys in front of them that were shoving each other around and cursing at one another. I almost wish I had been with them because despite the fact that I HATE that ride, I would have liked to have seen the fight! XD
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