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Favourite ride types to build in Planet Coaster?

Matt N

CF Legend
Hi guys. Planet Coaster is a game with many different ride types available to build, and if you’ve had lots of experience in the game, there are bound to be some ride types you have a preference for building over others. So I’d be intrigued to know; what are some of your favourite ride types to build in Planet Coaster? Which ride types are the ones that one of your parks often seems to have?

From my current experience with Planet Coaster, two spring to mind as being ride types I always really enjoy building:
  • B&M hyper coasters (Rage) - I don’t know whether it’s the fact that my current number 1 coaster is a B&M hyper, but I’ve always enjoyed building these! It took me a bit of time to master those parabolic hills (you should have seen some of my earlier attempts!), but once I did, I must admit that there’s something I began to found incredibly satisfying about crafting the sprawling, airtime-filled layouts of these coasters!
  • GCI wooden coasters (Gnarler) - The wooden coaster is a staple of any theme park, but in Planet Coaster, I must admit that the GCI style is incredibly fun to build! GCI typically build rides that twist over and under themselves so many times, and have such dynamic, twisted layouts with lots of hidden pockets of airtime and speed, and I find that type of ride so fun to build!
But what are some of your favourite ride types to build in Planet Coaster?

James F

Hyper Poster
For me it's either the Vector (Mack Launch/Mega coaster) or the S.L.V (Schwarzkopf Looper) as they give you plenty of options to use when coaster building and Mack/Intamin multi-launch coasters are my favoured type of coaster helps

Although it is hard to make smooth transitions with the vector. I like putting in antique cars as well as the monorail.


Mega Poster
My favorite has to be Rival (B&M Invert) or Invincible (Intamin Mega). If I can't think of anything to build I just build a terrain coaster from either of these 2 models. They have so many options for track designs, I just don't get bored of them.


Mega Poster
I love building

Rival/B&M invert:
I love making these so much, I don't really know why but I always love building massive inverts built around a mountain.

Monster/Wooden coaster w/ PTC trains:
This might be my most used coaster type, you can build all kinds of coasters. I find myself using this to mostly make Voyage inspired woodies, Prefabs, and RMC candidates

Malice Unchained/ RMC I-Box
If monster isn't my most used coaster type then Malice Unchained is. I love making insane hyper hybrids all the way to smaller scale RMCs.