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Favourite first drop?


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What is your favourite first drop on a coaster?

Mine is Skyrush. It's so unsuspected! Like, you start going down it and it's like yay this is fun then out of nowhere there's this insane ejector airtime and rush of speed! Absolutely superb.


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X/Eeejanaika in the front row; the flip and head-first-straight-down moment is just the business.

Youngster Joey

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bmac said:
El Toro because you literally get thrown over the drop in the back seat.

You clearly have not ridden Skyrush in the back seat. Strongest airtime I've ever felt.

So yeah, it's Skyrush


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I only got to ride Skyrush once because it opened up and then broke down within the span of 5 minutes, and the ride op ushers are tools.
I concur with everyone who has said Skyrush. It doesn't look like much but that thing is insane! Maverick's on a good day is also really good, has some pretty sweet ejector.


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Yup, definitely Skyrush, never expected it to e that violent or powerful, and the more i rode it, the more i loved it.


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Tonnerre de Zeus back row. You are thrown out of your seat, whilst plummeting towards a teeny weeny little tunnel. Still scares the crap out of me...

Martyn B

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What I can think of right now: Jubilee Odyssey, OzIris, Oblivion and Saw. They all stand out as being pretty awsome.


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Absoulutely Expedition GeForce because its just so insane being in the back seat and getting pulled over the drop and just fly out of your seat the drop twists out from under you so quickly, such an amazing experience.


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Millennium Force is still my favorite first drop. The sheer size, views, forces at the bottom, and good airtime (not fantastic but still good) all make it fantastic IMO. On top of the fact that the first ride I thought about when I saw this topic was Millennium Force.


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right now Fahrenheit just because it was my first vertical/beyond vertical drop and I was crapping my pants going up the lift. I'm going back to Hershey tomorrow to ride Skyrush, so this might be subject to change


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I don't know that I can pick a favorite between Skyrush & Griffon... they are different but both are AMAZING!

MilF & I305 are right up there as well.


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Joey said:
Pepsi Max Big One.

Stop staring at me, you haters.

It used to be, then they retracked it and it became "good". Then I went on other rides like Expedition GE Force and it was downgraded to "alright I suppose" :p

Martyn B said:

This, I never get tired of it, ever. Good job because the ride does bugger all else :lol:


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I love the drop on Shockwave at Drayton Manor. OK, Shockwave isn't exactly highly revered amongst enthusiasts, but the height and sensation of being pulled down make this drop great fun. It's definitely one of the coaster's redeeming features.