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Fantastic old coaster footage/pics


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That Orphan Rocker video is amazing. Also proves that someone actually got to ride the thing as I remember that being a debate way back.

No surprise it never opened either, those transitions look like they were created with a sledgehammer - Not to mention the restraint is literally a padlocked chain 😂
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Cedar Point has just been dumping high fidelity, old photos en masse as part of their 150th anniversary this year. It's been phenomenal, and actually answers a lot of "I wonder what [x] looked like" or "where was [y] located?" questions. A couple top hits:

Gemini Construction
Front Main Midway (Demon Drop, now where Ocean Motions sits)
Pirate Ride, removed by Blue Streak
A lot less roller coasters
Original location of Ferris Wheel
Space Spiral, now where Gatekeeper stands
Earthquake Ride, now Snoopy Boutique
Roughly where Gatekeeper and Windseeker now sit
Have never seen a good shot of the Double Wheel! (at front of park)
Mill Race, where Raptor now stands
A VERY long line for Magnum
Aquarium (where Wicked Twister now stands) with the first Wildcat Schwarzkopf seen behind
Schwabinchen's original location, across from Iron Dragon's location
This Trabant has not been very documented, but stood where Matterhorn now stands for a time (unsure where this shot is)
Western Cruise, which used the Coasters restaurant as a station
A very forested Jr. Gemini (now Wilderness Run)
The "lost" coaster of Cedar Point (eventually found at a park in Mexico), a Jumbo Jet that stood where Gatekeeper now stands


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This isnt a coaster but its one hell of a picture
It is from Bertram Mills Circus in Olympia, London during the early part of the 20th Century.

When it seems they let an actual real life bear on the dodgems (or similar ride).

How times (And Health And Safety, And Animal Rights) have changed :)


The image is from this great set of pictures from the Standard. Which includes some really good shots of the 1924/5 British Empire Exhibition and the Grand National roller coaster (https://rcdb.com/16131.htm). A ride which i have researched extensively for the RCDB and have a bit of a love for.


I highly recommend a flick through these pictures. If not just to feel how underdressed we are when we goto parks these days.