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Fårup Sommerland | Fønix | Vekoma | 2022


Hyper Poster
He says they want to convey the "Fårup feel" through the theming and planting not necessarily mentioning a specific theme. He mentions that the entrance gate shall immersive you in the theme. He also mentions "enormously tall buildings with shields on". They don't seem that tall to me. Beautifully done overall.


Strata Poster
It's actually annoying being this excited about a foreign coaster - I can't think of one in a long while that's had me considering this kind of expense.

A non-goon asked me the other day what was top of my to-do list and this was my response, with Grona + Kolmarden a close second.

Granted, I've not ridden the thing and might be horribly wrong, but I'm inclined to say that new_school vekoma continue to go from strength to strength to strength.


Giga Poster
They are all ready for Saturday:









Giga Poster
Same. I keep forgetting I've not been to Farup since 2009, so I might have to make a trip out next year to see what I've been missing.


Mega Poster
Got to ride this little gem. The coaster is probably one of the smoothest I got to experience. The first drop and inversions are really good. Pacing is great, the ride ends with those rmc-ish little bumps. Of course it doesn't have the rmc ejectors that goes with, and overall the restraints still prevented me to get any huge airtime, even when the operator didn't check my restraints. But it's definitely better than Abyssus. Not to mention the nice scenery in the forest.


Roller Poster
Agree, really, really smooth coaster. There's not a single place that jolts or creaks or bumps you. Pure quality from start to finish. Hits that perfect spot where it's intense enough to give thrillseekers their fix but holds back its punches just enough to also make it a family attraction. The layout is varied and I especially liked the latter part starting from the 90-degree banked hill. Love the way the train bobs and curves through those elements with the highlight being the station heartline and it's exit. I didn't mind the vests and I can confirm that my 10 year old daughter liked the protection they gave her.

Really good addition to the park considering that Lynet was much rougher than I remembered (would help if they got new trains that did away with the OTSRs) and Falken wasn't in reridable condition - really rough for a coaster of that size.