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Europa Park | Rulantica Extensions | Waterpark | 2023


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That’s really neat how they are adding bits of slide material to blend the theming more with the structure! ...Either that or one of the slides goes into a very tight vertical loop and tapers off, trapping any riders.
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Yeah, that does look rather impressive.

Much prefer the old-style bowl slides that just dump you out of a hole in the middle, mind... :p


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This is looking really really nice, and I love the melted ice pool that it sits on. I'm assuming the snake's head will eventually be connected?


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i know its been said before, but the slide-styled snake appendages are so cool. I love it when themeing is diegetic.
I think that's the first time I've seen someone use 'diegetic' in the real world!

I love the execution of the theming, but my big old fear of snakes is stopping me loving the concept 😂
Plus I just wish I could slide down the theming too!


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And Svalgurok is almost finished. It was supposed to open 22nd May however with the park remaining closed it will likely just open with the park itself. Although it shouldn't be much longer until Rust is open again.






Is that a head chopper?! (5th Picture)


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Rulantica will officially reopen on Thursday June 3.
Svalgurok is finished and testing! While Europa Park opens tomorrow, Rulantica will follow in two weeks time if the park opening goes well it was announced at the opening press conference today. Svalgurok and Snorri Snorkling VR will open with the park.
As expected, Svalgurok and Snorri Snorkelling VR will make their debuts as well.

Source; https://www.themepark-central.de/rulantica-saisonstart-2021/


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Rulantica reopened today. Since first opening in November it has actually now spent more days closed than open. From today the outdoor expansion has opened too with Svalgurok (Germany's largest water play area with 10 slides and many water interactives), Snorri Strand young kids play area and a food court area. Along with the new world's first attraction Snorri Snorkling VR.

It was also confirmed that construction is underway on an extension of Hotel Kronasar (the hotel beside the water park). New suites/rooms and an outdoor heated pool will be added. The pool will be an Infinity Pool at the edge of an extended "sea" between the hotel and Rulantica.


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I like the area, and the idea, but why snakes!? 😂

Like most of EP, it looks like the kind of place I'd like to spend some time just absorbing the ambience and appreciating the aesthetic.

Still gonna jump on the "why is the best looking slide just theming?"-bandwagon though 😝


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You know its Europa when the best slide at their water park is a bloody piece of theming.

Damn though i really want to experience Rulantica. I am a huge fan of Europa and the atmosphere the park has, so i am sure i would lap this up as well.
If they add a watercoaster by Pro-Slide i think i might just surrender my wallet to the Mack Family and apply for a German Visa.


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Beyond the current phase of 2020/21 expansions Rulantica has plans for a third slide tower to be added within the next 5 years. The tower will feature 3 new attractions, 1 of which will be an 8 lane RallyRacer mat slide from manufacturer ProSlide (already responsible for most of the major slides in Rulantica and the upcoming Svalgurok expansion)
Park project manager Charles R. Botta in an interview with ParkErlebnis.de added that the tower may also house additional gastronomy, sauna and wellness offerings however final decisions on these have yet to be made.

Sooooo that 3rd slide tower...
Roland Mack confirmed in last Thursday's season start press conference that they intend to open before the end of this year!
Construction is underway of the edge of the hall (beside Slide Tower 1 with the trap door drop slides and Duelling slides) and slide parts have just arrived onsite.




In the Rulantica Preview Centre in EP a new park map showing the future has been put up (including the Kronasar extension + Eatrenalin). It appears to not be any ordinary Rallyracer intriguingly. Looks quite long and to return to the tower - so is completely indoors.


The park have also announced for this summer an expansion to the young kids area Snorri Strand:


And the first ever water park installation of a Twist'n'Splash from Mack Rides; named "Heligvända".



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This truly looks like one of the best water parks in the world, however, I do think they could do with a bit more waterslide variety cause quite a few of them seem a bit samey to me. A master blaster/water coaster and some other slides with more unique aspects would be awesome to see in the future.