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Energylandia's Future Additions


Mega Poster
Small Update from the park.

1. Sweet Valley:

Coasters looks like they are ready to go. The train of the family coaster is parked on the lift hill. Couldn’t see any tests yesterday and today. There are still a lot of unfinished theming scaffolds, especially a big one in the mine train area. No one was working there. Would surprise me if the area would open any time soon. I know that they open areas without it being completely finished (Aqualantis still has some unfinished areas), but there just seems to be too much missing.

2. New clearing still looks the same.

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
Any update on the Tilt Coaster?
Nah, they're currently busy building the rest of Sweet Valley, including the exhibition and restaurant building, as well as finishing the theming and construction that they postponed within Aqualantis.

Since it's taken them well over 2 years so far to build Sweet Valley and Choco Chip Creek, I think it's fair to say you aren't riding the tilt coaster before 2024, probably even later.