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Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box


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Can't wait to ride it so hyped! It would be really awesome if Zadra opened this season, but it probably won't, so i'll wait another year then...
Tell us Fomo Coaster is there any chance Zadra will open this season?


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-Hyperion is awesome
-Formula is awesome
-Speed is awesome
-Mayan often considered the best SLC
-Boomerang and Dragon are solid family rides
-Quite a few good flats
-Zadra and the new Vekoma launch will very likely be awesome
-Yeah, the other coasters suck
-My god
-I think you really missed the joke
-I was being sarcastic


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Even as someone who hasn't always been sold on RMC's aesthetic, this is looking beautiful. <3
I've never been closer to falling out of my chair than seeing that new set of photos. That is a MONSTER.

(but in reality and if they were set side by side, Hyperion would dwarf it)