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Energylandia | Hyperion | Intamin Hyper coaster

Chris Brown

Mr CoasterForce 2016
It’s in my top 5 alongside Helix, Taron, Wildfire and Karnan but not sure exactly where it ranks in that bunch. The airtime is ridiculous but whilst the floater hill does provide floater later in the day it’s still pretty ****e compared to the rest of the layout. The low fast turns are great, the small hops are unexpected but thrilling, the trains and restraints and ridiculously roomy and comfortable and I didn’t notice a rattle on any of my rides throughout the day.


Giga Poster
Argh that shot of the people walking up the first set of stairs then sitting down on the ride - they cut out the 4 flights of stairs/ramps you have to walk up and then down again in the queue line!
Nice drone shots though :)