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I'd imagine it's both separate otherwise (assuming they were both equal length) it would be just under 500 meters each. Can't be right?
They said it would be 400 meters longer in total than the wooden coaster...

Even more confused now.
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So basically each side has a physical track length of 486m, but riders experience 746m in one ride, x 2 for a dueling coaster, so if this is the case, it definitely has good ride potential.


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Weird. But intriguing...
Well at least we know for certain now its definitely a duelling coaster of some kind.

Wonder how long until the rest of the planning application goes up online though.
The link to keep an eye on:

If we are looking at some kind of duelling shuttle coasters would that fit the Europe's First claim? Do any others exist?
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Well, if it's 973 meters of track, at around €14 million euros (not sure if that includes themeing or is just the track) it should hopefully be pretty decent design!


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Rocking launches would fit the ride being longer than the track length disparity. And that would also fit the Mack rumours (theyve been pushing them pretty hard). Kind of also fits the fact theyve said they are fully booked till 2021 already.
But thats all circumstantial evidence really


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Soooo this is a thing...

Looks like a confusing cluster of track. So definitely shuttle sit down and inverted intertwined coasters. No clue on manufacturer though...
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Lol okay. Completely not what anyone was expecting.

Looks like some form of Vekoma Junior Boomerang and new Vekoma Invert? So there is the option of a gentler family experience and a more thrilling family experience. Very odd, and presumably would just operate as two separate coasters.

Very very weird combo, but the invert looks good fun.


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Yeah they’re not ‘duelling’ - it’s a small family boomerang style ride and a bigger invert (possibly Flyer?)

I personally think the layout of the invert is a bit... crap?


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That triangular truss track could be Intamin, Gerstlauer or Mack but not Vekoma. I'm sure they will both be by the same manufacturer so either Vekoma are trying another new track type (seems unlikely) or another company is breaking into the family boomerang market.

Also what on earth is going on at the far end of the boomerang? That "twisted reverse hump" that ends in mid-air - I feel like I must be missing something...