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Pink Cadillac

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Second 'Making of..' video
Mentions choosing your own "tour", each one having a different theme.
Also brief shots of the interior + props. Loving the Gothic vault ceiling.


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I do really like that they've used real copper for the roof, it'll start to look really beautiful when it weathers, turning into that beautiful green/blue colour, adding much needed contrasting colour to the world of beige...
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OK, I've read this thread thoroughly and I'm still none the wiser.

What exactly is this?

Pink Cadillac

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This is what can be seen from Efteling's "Pagoda".

Not ideal, but the park are planning the most amazing thing - a palace roof garden!

Just hope you can actually walk up there...
Source: park
more photos



There's going to be loads of solar panels up there too, so I doubt the public will be allowed up there but at least it'll look nicer from above!


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I guess it's to make up for the removal of the iconic flowery "E" that used to be there. Still hurts a little.