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Efteling Expansion + New Coaster


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The next big new attraction in the Efteling will be an intense big roller coaster.
The Kaatsheuvels fairytale park wants to add a spectacular rollercoaster within a few years Looopings can announce first after conversations at EAS in Berlin. The addition is on schedule for 2019 or 2020. What rollercoaster type has not yet been decided upon. The plans are already at an advanced stage, but the Efteling Board is still waiting for the approval of the Supervisory Board.
In any event, the new attraction will be extensively decorated. The roller coaster will be located on the edge of the park, on a new piece of eight acres between Vogel Rok and the Python. There the park have permission to build up to a height of fifty meters. The destination plan already mentioned an "image-determining attraction". Construction work begins in 2018. In recent years, the Efteling opened the thirty meter high dive coaster Baron 1898 (18 million euros) and the interactive Darkride Symbolica (35 million euros).


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Yaaaaay! Wonder what it'll be?
A floaty B+M invert like OzIris would be nice, I reckon.


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Imagine a Vekoma Bermuda Blitz like Lech Coaster but longer and even more significantly themed with narrative elements. I'd trust Efteling to pull that off!


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Oh no, a big coaster won't fit in at Efteling at all, the B&M was bad enough but this will RUIN the park.



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In all honesty, one of the main logical coasters I'd imagine them getting is a wing coaster...

Wing coasters are fab?


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They don't really excite me so far. Plus, Toverland is already getting one. They already both have a GCI. I'd prefer Efteling getting something a bit different.


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I'm sure I read something somewhere where someone quite high up at Efteling said they really enjoyed working with B&M, and that they were the best manufacturer the park had worked with? Extremely vague I know, but it sticks in my memory for some reason. So maybe more B&M goodness..

When I visited this year, it struck me just how many teenage / young adult groups there were on park. Sure, the number of family groups still far outweighs them, but a LOT more than I expected, and remembered from my 2015 visit. So it would seem like there's the demand for it.

I could see a launch coaster happening though. I'm sure they've seen just how successful things like Taron and Helix have been, and would want a piece of the action. With the height and space they've got, plus their typical narrative style, a launch coaster would fit the "image defining" idea..


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If Efteling got a Wing Rider, I have extreme faith in them to make it at least one of the best in terms of theming/near misses. If not a Wing, I can totally see them going with an Invert like Oziris.

Or if they get one of those 4 Intamin LSMs. Oooh man that would be a crowd pleaser.


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Toverland is getting a big, image-defining Wing Coaster. Would it really make sense for Efteling to build such a similar-looking signature attraction? Sounds like a prime recipe for image confusion if you ask me.

If we're going for the assumption of a B&M, I'd rather hope for an Invert or even a Flyer. It would be a more unique ride to market. Of course, Intamin, Mack, or even Vekoma could also deliver a really fun ride. Either way, I think this will be an awesome attraction.


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Maybe they'll go with Intamin. It could always be a launched wing rider like Skyrush.
It might duel too.
(Don't trust me I'm just guessing).


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Anyone know what happened to that joshuadrooney kid because I feel like he'd be having a heart attack seeing this...

I'm happy with this though, the park looks to have one of those "1-2 punch" lineups with Joris and Baron but it sounds like this is kind of next level compared to those two. It's early but I could see this being a nice modernized Vekoma like Lech, wouldn't rule out a Mack of sorts either.


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After Baron and Symbolica, I suddenly have much higher expectations of Efteling and I'd love to see them take on another decent thrill coaster.
It'd only take a Mack or B&M to see my opinion of the place take a complete U-Turn in the space of 18 months...


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A heavily themed B&M invert would be amazing. As long as they don't go for a Wing Coaster. Urghhh.
Ohh yess imagine an Efteling themed invert! Like a fantasy themed Oziris!

I feel like it's going to be good whatever it is because it's Efteling, so I won't worry about it.


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Have been reading some of the Dutch sites and allegedly one of the guys from Looopings claimed Efteling was wanting a B&M Flyer but scrapped it after Phantasialand announced F.L.Y.

I would like to see them do some sort of launched coaster.


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Honestly, I could see them getting an Outlaw Run sized RMC. Think, if they're going to spite Bob, or even anywhere else, the dense woodland of the park would be a gorgeous backdrop for such a ride. And they're clearly not scared of going down the more thrilling route with something like a B&M dive machine.

Whatever it is we know it's going to be ridiculous, so I'm excited!