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Drops or loops?

Drops or loops?

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Pingu on drugs

Roller Poster
it depends... if the drop is big, steep or fast and you get airtime, then thats the best thing on a coaster for me. Take el toro for example, that drop is apparanetly insane! and loops (or inversions in general) are overrated. People who don't know what theyre on about say that if a coaster doesnt have inversions then its bad. The only two inversions which i really do love, is the pretzel loop on manta and the batwing on montu, but apart from that, a good drop is just awesome :)

Pingu on drugs

Roller Poster

alexdude98 said:
Yeah, drops are good, but Th13teen has a rubbish drop! And that's the main part of it, but then again, look at Oblivion! Also has a drop as a main part and that's a fantastic ride!

Th13teen has a bad drop because it's a bad ride! i love the big one's drop, aswell as stelaths... but it has to be said, oblivion probably has the best drop in the uk


CF Legend
One of my favourite first drops is shockwave at Drayton Manor, love the quick turn and the slow long slope down into the loop. Colossus does this well also!


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The only time I think that a loop could beat a drop is in Colossus's case. I prefer the heartline rolls to most drops I have ridden...