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Drops or loops?

Drops or loops?

  • Drops

    Votes: 35 94.6%
  • Loops

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Giga Poster
Nothing beats a good drop. That feeling as you go over the edge and begin the journey. Definitely drops for me.


Mega Poster
I basically like both equally, as long as they're both executed well. A good drop does seem to swing it slightly more for me, so I'm saying drops.


Giga Poster
If you mean a regular loop i would say drop, but if you mean loop as "inversion" I'm not sure.. I love zero-gs, dive loops and cobra rolls, a B&M invert corkscrew is nice too!


Hyper Poster
I like height, speed, drops, airtime, only a lap bar, lots of openness A LOT more than not as high and fast coasters with more restraints and less movement only to put me upside down.

This constitutes why I thought Maverick was overrated and Millennium Force underrated, being claimed "forceless" and "only good part is the first drop" by some. MF is my favorite coaster.


CF Legend
Drops, always. They're soooo much more intimidating and thrilling than loops. The only inversion that I actually get a proper thrill out of are zero-g rolls <3 Other than that: meh.


Mega Poster
andrus said:
If you mean a regular loop i would say drop, but if you mean loop as "inversion" I'm not sure.. I love zero-gs, dive loops and cobra rolls, a B&M invert corkscrew is nice too!

I totaly agree.


Staff member
It depends on the inversion.

Some of the inversions on Dragon Khan are superb. A real odd mix of positives and negatives; generally just some WTF happened there moments. Riding Revolution at Blackpool too (Arrow shuttle loop), the reverse loop is a blast.

Better than the first drop on Superman SFNE or El Toro? Nah! :lol:

Drops it is then.


Giga Poster
Drops! But in certain circumstances (Nemesis, launched coasters with inversions etc.), loops tend to stand out a bit more.


Giga Poster
I'd say that a fantastic drop would beat a fantastic loop, however an abysmal loop would beat an abysmal drop. Essentially so long as the loops on the loopers are good, and the drops on the hypers/megas are good than I can't complain.

I don't think loops are all that bad really, Alpengeist's cobra roll and Hulk's zero-G blow lots of drops out of the water, but then drops like Oblivion's does the same with the loops. :p


Roller Poster
Thekingin64 said:
Inverts: Loops
Normal: Drops

The same with me!

This topic really reminds me of Indiana Jones at Eurodisney - the two drops or the loop???

Definitely the drops!



Mega Poster
Nothing better than a huge near vertical drop, especially when you're in the back seat of a long train getting dragged down it!


Hyper Poster
Loops are boring, if by loops you mean inversions then for sure there better than drops
but good drops make ur stomach go into your throat. :p no better feeling in the world :)


Mega Poster
Alot of coasters have what I call the Gouderix/Colossus syndrome. They focus too much on the loops, and forget about turns. The only turns they do have are either boring or painfull...


Giga Poster
Usually drops/launches, but it depends on the type of inversions. If you mean just vertical looks, then drops. But all inversions, Zero G rolls are epic.

So if this happend: 100ft. drop vs. Zero-G, I'd pick the Zero-G. But 200ft drop, thats another story...