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Dollywood | Wildwood Grove | New Kids Area for 2019


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August 3rd announcement


Matt N

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If they say it's their biggest expansion ever, then maybe they have more to announce than just the Orkanen clone and the rides for 2019. Lance on Screamscape has talked about a possible rumour that Dollywood could receive another large, thrilling coaster in 2020, possibly from B&M. Interesting... I'll keep an eye on this one.


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Dollywood’s New Land Offers Attractions, Experiences
When it comes to Dollywood’s largest expansion – Wildwood Grove – you might expect that I would be most excited about the 11 new experiences or the increased amount of space that the area is going to provide to the families who visit Dollywood every year. I am, however, most excited about the expansion of “heart” that Wildwood Grove will bring to Dollywood in 2019.

For many years, Dollywood has been a place where families go to reconnect, to play together and to make memories worth repeating. We’ve been dreaming about this for many years, and now in Wildwood Grove, all of us will get to experience a brand new story that fits well within the vision Dolly created for Dollywood more than 30 years ago. While, Wildwood Grove is a whole new land big enough to be its own property, it is still ALL Dollywood.

The entire area is centered on the massive Wildwood Tree, an icon covered in brightly-colored leaves and butterflies that speaks to the heart of Dollywood and to the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. It stands proud over a land built within the imagination of the Great Smoky Mountains. It glistens with the majesty of the forest and glows brightly every night, creating an ever-changing experience day or night.

As soon as you pass though the hollow log portal of the new land, you feel the difference. The Wildwood Tree stands over the entire area, its heart song ringing true in the breeze, just as Dolly described it. The entire area is filled with beautiful and distinctive rides and attractions for families to explore. You can imagine yourself riding on the back of a Smoky Mountain black bear, swinging on a giant leaf, or flying suspended from a dragonfly. Most important, Wildwood Grove is a place the entire family can play together. There are indoor and outdoor spaces to play and experience; new friends to meet; and a great new restaurant to refresh and recharge. In short, it is a new adventure and I, for one, cannot wait to take my family on a hike through Wildwood Grove, stand alongside and watch the kaleidoscope of colors dance on the Wildwood Tree. We might even hop on a bear or ride on a dragonfly – together.







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Youngster Joey

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They've made a moose on the loose?!?

Anyways the expansion looks great and It also doesn't appear to me like they're using all the land they've cleared so I will continue wondering or hoping this area receives a thrill coaster as well in the next few years.

Plus I can never be sad seeing more parks add flying scooters, let us hope they're snapable!


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"Wildwood" is the name of a housing estate near where I grew up (and a shabby pub associated with that estate).
Good job I'm not the target audience then. :)


Captain Basic
That looks so fab! Great addition for Dollywood, and hopefully we'll be seeing more of this area soon!

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Well that looks excellent! Bless Dollywood for giving us rides like Lightning Rod, Wild Eagle, Thunderhead, and the rest, but they really are a family park. This is perfect.


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In 2013 when I went I was talking to a family in line and they were actually doing something else on their second Dollywood day of their vacation because “I thought it was going to be family friendly but it’s not.” The year after they got FireChaser, now they get this. They seem to be trying to really broaden what they have to offer to every demographic, from a family experience like this to the FUBAR RMC at the front of the park. Love how they’re expanding like this.

I’m actually as excited for that tree as I am for that coaster, sounds like they could have something really special there. As corporate as they are Dollywood is really good about making their product feel really personal so that night show could be something special.


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Yeah that looks great. That's a pretty good selection of rides they're opening.

By the way the cleared area they have now is huge. They'll have plenty of room for a large coaster or two after this is done.


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Y'all are going overboard just because it's Dollywood. Yeah, it looks like a nice enough kiddy area, but it's still just a kiddy area. If this was somewhere else, there'd be loads of moaning that their "biggest ever announcement" isn't a huge coaster.

This Aztec statue I saw the other day sums up my feelings:
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If this Wildwood doesn't have aggressive singing weasels, I'm not interested.
Those Vekoma SFCs always looked pretty neat. Only concern I'd have would be capacity as I think with station brakes, I'm fairly sure that layout can only handle one train.