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Dollywood | Wildwood Grove | New Kids Area for 2019


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I'm betting on a Mack spinner akin to SDC's. They don't have a spinner at Dollywood yet do they?


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If I was a betting man I'd bet Vekoma.
There's even a Vekoma prototype sitting in their testing yard with no known destination right now.
You said this and it did remind me of their first hyper that they pitched for Energylandia. Energylandia might not have gone with it, but I'm sure there's some kind of element Vekoma has up their sleeve that Dollywood could market as the "world's first ____" for this attraction if the same concept were used at Dwood.



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We have some new developments regarding this expansion. This article from The Mountain Press has some nice juicy information:

PIGEON FORGE -- Dollywood is already in early stages of planning a 5 acre expansion that could open next year.

Planning commission reviewed a site plan Tuesday that showed the outline of the new plans, but didn't include many details on what it will include.

The expansion will be in the area near the Thunderhead roller coaster and the parking area.

"There's several things going on," Community Development Director David Taylor said. "There's going to be about eight different attractions, a restaurant, separate building for restrooms, there's going to be water features, shade structures; just a lot of different things in this area."

The site plan showed locations of the new structures but didn't provide further details on what is planned for the area. Officials said they hope to have it ready to open next year.

Dollywood didn't add any new rides or make any major changes last year, instead focusing on a major lineup of shows it called a "Season of Showstoppers."

Park officials didn't respond to a request for additional information on the planned expansion.

Also Tuesday, the commission approved:

• A site plan and permit for a proposed mountain coaster that would run between Teaster Lane and Veterans Boulevard.

• A revised plan for the Paula Deen's Lumberjack Adventure attraction at Walden's Landing

• A plan for a new Dollar General Store at 2970 Parkway, the former site of the Smoky Mountain Car Museum

• A plan for a redesign of Pine Mountain Shopping Center

• Final plan for subdivision of the Summit on Bluff Mountain

• Planned Unit Development plan for phase two of Parkside Resort

• Rezoning of property at 1864 Middle Creek Road from low-density residential to mixed-use commercial district

• Rezoning of property at Pine Mountain Road from low-density residential to high-density residential district

tl;dr: The new area will have 8 new attractions, a new restaurant, and some other facilities. Also, a new alpine coaster appears to be in the works for Pigeon Forge. Exciting times ahead!

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Even though I'm not visiting Pigeon Forge any time soon, I really hope Dollywood gets a B&M Hyper as part of this land. They've already kind of got the forceful ejector airtime machine nailed with Lightning Rod, so a floater-focused ride would really boost their lineup. B&M are a company with a proven track record in hyper coasters, and Mako is a fantastic, airtime filled ride, so it would be a great fit for this new land, provided they have the space, of course.

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After this addition it's pretty likely the next coaster will be something thrilling such as a hyper.


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Honestly love the look of these plans, glad there will be an Orkanen clone in the US. Decent size, and much more room for expansion down the line.

Similar to the Outlaw Run-Lightning Rod additions, I can see Herschend watching how Time Traveler turns out, and adding a Mack to Dollywood in 2-3 years (if Time Traveler goes over well with the public).


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To be fair, the land development and ground works have probably cost a fortune alone. It would be less taxing on the budgets/cash reserves to go for a smaller coaster at first, and then follow up with a bigger investment later.


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^ I assume that because the image of the Orkanen clone includes the ride clearance envelope, someone with far too much imagination and not enough thinking has gone "ooooh that looks like a bobsled"