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Dollywood building a new indoor coaster in Wildwood Grove for 2025?

Matt N

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Hi guys. Even though Big Bear Mountain has only just opened, there are suggestions that Dollywood could be building another new roller coaster. According to Screamscape, Dollywood put out a guest survey recently talking about another new coaster in Wildwood Grove that will invite guests to "explore the greater mysteries of this hidden land, no matter the weather":
Screamscape said:
Elsewhere [the survey] hints that Wildwood Grove isn’t finished yet, as another ‘new coaster’ will invite guests to “explore the greater mysteries of this hidden land, no matter the weather.” That last bit seems to indicate that Dollywood could be planning some kind of new indoor roller coaster experience.
Lance seems to think that the synopsis could be hinting towards an indoor coaster, and I'd agree with that assertion; indoor coasters are quite a surefire way of providing an all-weather draw.

A few days later, Screamscape sources also apparently received word that Dollywood has greenlighted a new coaster for the 2025 season, which Lance has suggested could be the indoor coaster project hinted at in the survey:
Screamscape said:
2025 - New Rumored Roller Coaster - (7/27/2023) Screamscape sources tell us that Dollywood is indeed working on a new roller coaster for the 2025 season. Based on the survey that was just sent out from the park last week, I do have to wonder if this is that indoor coaster project that was hinted at that would depart from Wildwood Grove.

I know this isn't much to go off of, but I trust Lance as a source, and if the park has asked about it in a survey, then I wouldn't be surprised if they did eventually plan to build it. From memory, I think Dollywood has asked about an indoor coaster in guest surveys before, so maybe they're finally bringing one to fruition?

It's an interesting development if true; maybe an Intamin Multi-Dimensional Coaster or similar would be a cool fit?
EDIT: Here's the link to Screamscape's Dollywood page: https://screamscape.com/html/dollywood.htm#2025-Coaster


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I wouldn't bet my life on Screamscape's accuracy (as some pure trolljob "rumors" have slipped past him & been reported on before), but I definitely remember an indoor coaster idea being tossed around in surveys in the past, so I won't be shocked if one comes here. A tad sooner for a new coaster than I would've expected, but expected nonetheless.

Wonder if they'd go entirely indoors like Uncharted or more of a Studio Tour style. Either way, could be cool for an MDC!
I would like to think hopefully in my opinion it could be a indoor wild mouse or something similar to scooby doo spooky coaster original version with heavy theming and animatronics
Not happening...they have been teasing 2026 since Lightningrod opened. They won't give up on that. Maybe Blazing Fury RMC redo much like FITH. My gut says Vekoma or B&M hyper. Hershend loves both, and GP love Dollywood. Definatly going in country fair area when it happens. Possibly stretching out into the woods behind the train barn, or up Lightningrod's hill. Lots of room owned by Herschend, and they have the money. No markings at the park or anything drastict. Also 3 family coasters in a row since Lrod. Only other park to do that is Knott's, and they got Hangtime a few years later. 26 would be 10 years since Lrod. They could be back in the headlines, and redeem themselfs maybe with Lrod 2.0 for 24 or 25?


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If you look at Big Bear, they're clearly planning ahead to use the land next to/behind it.

There's a section of Big Bear that dives under the path. That path/bridge currently goes nowhere, so serves no purpose than other for a future pathway.

Dan Nguyen

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I'd honestly rather see Dolly get the proposed black bear dark ride they teased at in their survey a few years back. The park needs more indoor attractions considering they've clear cut the surrounding forest for new rides. It would help in poor weather and provide a place with AC in hot weather.

That and add a bit more landscaping to Wildwood Grove. Its a shame the forest themed area of the park has virtually no forest.