1. TPoseOnTantrum

    Legoland Korea | Ninjago Coaster | 2025

    Plenty of action in Korea lately. First new RMC steel track on T Express, then a Raptor showing up at Gyeongju World, and now the very young Legoland Korea is moving forwards with its first post-opening day attraction. Two things have happened very suddenly; a ceremonious groundbreaking was...
  2. TPoseOnTantrum

    SeaWorld San Antonio | New Zierer Coaster + Bay of Play overhaul?

    Wakey wakey, it's coaster leaking time. Side note, a few years ago you didn't have entire coaster projects being outed by shipping documents. Last summer Holiday World allegedly had to retool their marketing strategy for Good Gravy after myself and a few goons unceremoniously leaked the project...
  3. Lukas D

    LEGOLAND California | LEGO Galaxy | launched indoor coaster, Huss Airboat | 2025

    LEGOLAND's 2025 project (first posted here) will be a LEGO Galaxy-themed land featuring a launched indoor coaster, a Huss Airboat flat ride and playscapes as reported by Parkfans and Screamscape. The new land will replace the current driving school and junior driving school at LEGOLAND...
  4. TPoseOnTantrum

    Mandoria | Aquila | Vekoma Family Launch Coaster | 2025

    After a few years of opening new coasters and rides inside of their existing building, Mandoria is thinking bigger; Personally I think this is amazing for a mall park that only opened its doors... two years ago?
  5. Matt N

    Dollywood building a new indoor coaster in Wildwood Grove for 2025?

    Hi guys. Even though Big Bear Mountain has only just opened, there are suggestions that Dollywood could be building another new roller coaster. According to Screamscape, Dollywood put out a guest survey recently talking about another new coaster in Wildwood Grove that will invite guests to...
  6. Matt N

    SeaWorld Orlando | Penguin Trek | B&M Family Launch Coaster | 2024

    Hi guys. Since COVID hit in 2020, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin has stood SBNO. Given that it's been shut for nearly 3 years now and the park have removed all references to it, it has long since been assumed to be defunct and awaiting a replacement. However, that replacement could finally be...