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Dollywood | Big Bear Mountain | Vekoma Family Launched Coaster | 2023


Mega Poster
Is it me or does this have a really unique sound? It may be the track shape combined with the large fins under the trains causing a unique wind sound but idk it's a very pleasant hum the train makes while going by.


Mega Poster
Got to ride it Monday. Definately a great family addition to Wildwood Grove.
Can confirm it is as smooth as it looks in the POV. What really impressed me about this coaster is how long the ride time is. Its pretty long for a family coaster. Also, the second half really pops. The focus of the layout is more about the twists and turns vs airtime. Really wasn't much airtime but that could have been because it was early in the morning. Overall a lot of fun.


Mega Poster
It looks fab and goes on forever. Surprisingly forceful for a family roller coaster, but it will be a massive hit.

Dollywood can do no wrong it seems!


Hyper Poster
Yeah that actually looks so fun. 1:20 of real ride time, that's impressive. Launches look decently punchy, and that whole last half looks very fun.

Kinda surprised they didn't spray instant-grass on the hillside for the first half, but the presentation of the plaza area looks great. Will look great in a few years.


Mega Poster
idk what the name for our current era of coasters will be called but i'm loving it. this is probably the longest family coaster ive ever seen thats packing a punch the whole way


Hyper Poster
That looks far better than I was expecting.

Such a long ride yet there's not a single dead moment.

Hopefully there'll be some greenery around it in the future.


Strata Poster
Yeah, this would be such a rad experience if it were weaving through the trees
This....this is definitely the biggest takeaway.
The ride looks like a whole lot of fun for a family-friendly coaster but it's a damn shame the park tore out allllllllll the trees to put it in. Hopefully in the next off season they'll throw some new trees in around the ride area or at least shrubs and grass. For as beautiful of a park that Dollywood is, this looks somewhat subpar for them.