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Do you get fast passes?


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As everyone says, depends where you are going. You won't get a ultimate fasttrack for anything in the UK if you live in the UK, you also won't get a Fastlane for Kings Island if you go there 3 or 4 times a year, but if you're going somewhere new, and won't be back for a few years then maybe.

The trip with Howie was done in a way that only CP needed fast passes, even KI was done in the space of one afternoon and a couple of hours the following morning.
On the flip side, I got fastpasses for SFGadv to make sure I maximised my day and Carowinds on a Saturday was a no-brainer to get one.

It very much depends on the crowds on the day, but if you plan your trips properly then the amount of times you need an FP should be minimal.


If a park offers it and I'm going on what looks to be a busy day, I'd definitely consider it at least. Though not a lot of parks in my vicinity offer them at the moment.

With Liseberg you only get quick passes if you order a full entry/wristband package online, which I always do the morning before I go to the park (I had a really bad experience waiting well over half an hour just to get into the park the first time I went so I'd rather order online to avoid any unnecessary complications). It's free when you put it like that, but it does come with the risk that some rides will be "sold out" before you get a chance to grab them - when I went last August, the only Balder time available for me was 6 P.M and both Helix and Valkyria were completely unavailable, the latter was understandable as it was the Monday after the official opening.

Heide-Park was my first and so far only encounter with those Q-bot thingies and in spite of some messy operations in the morning it worked out well for the most part. It was my first and so far only time going and so I didn't feel like wasting the day waiting in lines, even if the park wasn't especially crowded. I went for the gold option (unlimited rides at 50% wait), and since it allows you to pick a new ride as soon as you enter the Q-bot line for your previous choice I technically didn't have to wait at all considering those minutes in between were spent riding a coaster and then making my way to the next one.

Phantasialand's system is... a bit questionable to me, and I'm not high on just four rides for €15, but I didn't use it until my second day when the lines started getting really bad (that it's still not available for Taron/Raik when they're in their fourth year of operation still bugs me). Next time I go to Phantasia I'll try to have it be in the off-season so I don't have to deal with the crowds again - I fully expect F.L.Y to have lines worse than Taron whenever it opens.


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Last fast pass I got was a Q Bot with a gang of CFers down in Texas, which we rationalized as getting us on all the rides in case of bad weather. With a larger group, it was also an added $15-$20.

Individually, I have never purchased a fast lane pass, and never intend to. It's how I rage against the capitalist machine.


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I enjoy a nice 30minute queue to help build up to a ride, so I was never one to buy fast passes. I've also seen how, if you pick the right day, you can have a nice walk-on day at a park. I used to hate dealing with fast-pass people who buy them on quiet days, and then complain that they don't manage to skip ANY queue because the park is sending round half empty trains... So I refuse to be one of those people that minces down the fastrack and demand to have my ticket checked only to moan that no queue was skipped because there's litterally no one there.

I do now, however, have a boyfriend who is INCREDIBLY impatient and with a much higher disposable income so I've found we buy fast-passes more often. I think it's best when a pass can be bought near the ride entrance so an informed choice can be made, and having time-slots works best to avoid overselling (I've seen a pass-pass/priority queue exceed the normal queue before. Buying a £90 fast-pass to skip every queue with no idea how busy the park is, is just stupid, and some rides need the full experience or abit of a queue to really allow you to soak it all up. (Sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to listen to a good IMAScore soundtrack for abit without looking weird).

Overall, it really depends on SO many factors. But my choice to buy them relies on the parks providing a service that is worth the money they ask for and how efficiently they can deliver on their promise, but I've found it varies ALOT, even within park groups.


I refuse to buy fast pass in the ****e Merlin Parks, too many sold and set up in such an elitist way that if you have the money you have free licence to queue jump.

I have only got fast pass once in Universal Orlando years ago, it was ok but I missed a lot of build up to the rides.


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I have never gotten one, and philosophically I despise them.

BUT I may have finally crossed a line last summer. I went to Cedar Point for two and a half days and got in a grand total of two rides on Steel Vengeance (and was kinda stapled for both). By the time we left CP, I realized that I clearly regretted not getting a fast pass. I think it didn’t cross my mind because I’d already shelled out for the Platinum Pass and Hotel Breakers, both of which allow early entry.

I think now that I’m planning a summer trip to Europe, I may have to face reality and get passes for a number of the parks.


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I believe in them. Especially for those rare weekend visits. I usually wait until the day of to gauge weather and crowd, though. I look at it if its already costing me 2k or so to be there, another 500 for insurance to get my fill seems oddly justified. It costs me more because we live light years from the closest "real" park. Six Flags Chicago would be the closest, and that's an easy 14 hour drive or so.
I am trying to figure out where you must live, so that a weekend park visit costs 2000 currency units and insurance (??) costs another 500, and a 14-hour drive to Great America is your closest park??? Do you live in the Arctic Circle?

EDIT: Ah, by “insurance” I think you mean the fast passes. That costs you 500?

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Depends on the circumstances. I got a Fast Lane at Cedar Point and didn’t regret it at all. Same for Six Flags Magic Mountain, would’ve been impossible without it at that park. Unlike most people it seems I don’t object to them on principle. They have a place in the parks and, while trying to squeeze every penny out of you, you’re still at a theme park, a place notorious for trying to squeeze every penny out of you.

If I can go without, I will. Same goes with a park that doesn’t have many interesting rides. However, I’m trying to plan a trip to Walibi Holland and can only visit a few days after Untamed opens. You can bet your a** I’ll be getting that pass to maximize rides on it.


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Feels like the Arctic Circle. North Dakota. Me and my 2 boys it was 2 large easy. We don't do it like Rock Stars, either. GAm is the the closest real park...but when we do our thing we stormtroop 5 or 6 parks dawn till close - and we're good for another 8 months or so. And yes, Insurance means Fast Passes. Try it once and you'll be hooked!

Edward M ^^ planning Europe Trip for 2020 as we speak!


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I used to be like, morally or whatever opposed, prided myself on not and instead relying on good planning.
Now Im older, less time, less $ to throw around. Still try to plan well, and often I dont need them. But if Im there and the park is very crowded, yes I will. Or if Im going to CP, I choose to do 1 day and FP rather than 2 days. Its better all around for me