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Do you care about your dark ride shooter score?


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I've only ridden the dragon ride at the LEGOLand Discovery Center near me, it was actually really fun because I rode it with a bunch of little kids (camp counselor on a field trip) so they made it exciting. None of them cared about their score and neither did I, so it didn't matter.


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Like most I'm competitive on the ride but once off not too fussed. Unless it's Tomb Blaster. I ride that so much within the year I take a photo of my score to see if I get better/worse over the year. I have to take a photo as my memory is turdio.

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Mr Nash

Not in the slightist.

I only tend to go on these rides if I've ridden everything else and I have time to kill,or it's raining and I need to get inside.

Even then I start with good intensions,but soon get bored,by about the halfway stage I stop firing and start just watching the scenery or start pissing around,or plan what to have for dinner that night.

I can remember riding Tomb Blaster,and my gun wasn't working,so what ever I fired at,my scored remained at zero,quite frankly I was more pissed at the time I'd wasted than my score.
I don't mind a battle with the people your with, but its not something i treasure and remember for a while. My mate however came to AT for the first time last year and would not let anyone forget how he smashed us all on duel. He probably still remembers his score!


In the case of 'Duel'...Not really. I start off trying to get a decent score then I soon get bored (or get finger ache) and just start reminiscing how good it was before the lasers were added.


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I care about my score at the start of the ride. If I'm beating whoever's sat next to me and actually stand a chance of winning, then I will try to for the rest of the ride. If they're clearly blasting ahead of me, I spare my finger the cramp and play the 'count how many animatronics aren't working' game instead.

Ian said:
Whenever I go on a dark ride shooter, I never bother with the score.
Au contraire! Here we have photographic evidence of Ian's secret tactic of cloning himself to the maximum number of persons that will fit in a dark ride shooter - to add all the scores together for one massive total. ;)