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Chengdu Wanda City | All Speeds | Taron Clone | 2021


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The chinese name is 极速狂飙 which seems to translate as Speed Hurricane (it doesn't seem to translate directly to English as I've come across a couple of different translations) . However the parks often have a seperate English translation on the signs which is where the amusing names sometimes come in so we still have to wait and see how that turns up.

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Just came across this thread now. Although I heard about the possible Taron-clone some while ago I never looked for it. Now I'm really surprised, that this really seems to be a one-to-one clone, ins't it one? Somehow I was assuming it would only be very similar.
This raises another question: I always thought that a guy from Phantasialand was actually involved in the design of the layout (I think his name was Sebastian Jonas but someone might correct me). So I'd assume that Phantasialand has some "copyrights" of this exact layout. Did anybody think about this? Do you think they sold the rights to Wanda? Or is it perhaps an old wives' tale that a Phantasialand employe was actually involved in the active design of the layout? However, even if the layout has just been created by Intamin, I would imagine that a contract over such a customized coaster includes some statements about uniqueness.


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Phantasialand was heavily involved with the layout and the design of the trains. But I never read if it was only a back and forth with wishes and suggestions from Phantasialand or if they actually contributed to the trains and layout. Anyway I'm pretty sure there were some clauses about at least regional exclusivity in the contract. So either this park is so far away that Intamin is free to sell the same layout (or a layout with only minimal changes) or Phantasialand got a bit of money from this new coaster.


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From what I know, the parks talk to the manufacturer about their needs and wishes for the layout, and of course further input will be accomodated for by the manufacturer. I do not know if "non-copy" clauses are a thing, but I can not immagine that Phantasialand signed one. It will likely be more expensive (maybe they signed one for the closer area, I believe B&M offers something like that, so no similar coaster types will be build in the next couple of years in the closer area), and if you have a fully custom layout for a specific plot of land, it is highly unlikely that another park will decide to purchase THAT layout.
Of course not impossible, we are seeing the clone in China :)


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Sorry normally I'd post the pictures of rides direct to the forum but as I'm offshore using my phone I don't really fancy clicking the attach file button 30+ times to upload pictures one at a time ?

Anyway here's a recent update from the park with a ton of images taken from all over. More recent images show the park now doing test openings although both coasters aren't ready yet.



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Its testing!
not living up to its name at the moment though...

What did I just watch...so let me get this straight...we go from taron...to kondaa...now to this😂 im kidding ik it will speed up


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