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Due to these not having chains I dont actually think they will be as scary if you know what I mean well apart from the height lol.

They must have got a good deal on them that is all I can say :).


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Taylor, you are ****ing retarded.

I've been hearing quite a lot of people say that they are disappointed in these and I fail to see why. Ok, they're all named WindSeeker instead of StratoSoar. Ok, they're only 300 feet tall instead of 400 feet. Ok, four parks are adding them. I fail to see the problem. 300 feet is still pretty high up there. It isn't going to be like climbing Corkscrew's(it doesn't matter which one) lifthill. Also, adding them at four different parks is a great idea. The only park that really doesn't 'need'(I use it loosely) a new thrill ride is King's Island because of Diamondback in 2009. The ride is also a ride that will be both thrilling due to the height, but gentle enough to be enjoyed by a large audience. It's not like a robocoaster or anything. You're just spinning in a circle, only you're 300 feet up in the air. Cedar Fair would be foolish not to build these at four major parks.

Just a little rant/ $0.02.


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It spins. It's tall. It'll give a fun view.

Sure, I'm down.


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I really like these sort of rides, so yay.

No, I don't think four parks need them, but, meh, they're better than a lot of flat rides.


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Now that the blog is gone and Tony is leaving Cedar Point, I wonder how we're going to follow the construction? This isn't a major ride, so it's probably not going to get too much attention when it comes to keeping the outside world up to date, but Tony usually did a good job on the blog, especially with Shoot The Rapids and Skyhawk.


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Mean Streak snuffed by small blaze

Sandusky Register said:
A portion of Cedar Point’s largest wooden roller coaster caught fire late Tuesday, but a quick response from Sandusky firefighters spared the ride from any major damage.

The city’s firefighters were called to the park at about 9:30 p.m. because the amusement park’s own firefighters were not there. The park is now closed during the week, open only on weekends for HalloWeekends.

Firefighters said a section of track near the Mean Streak’s second hill somehow caught fire. Workers at the park had been repairing the ride and replacing boards earlier on Tuesday, and part of that work required them to cut metal bolts.

Since there were no heating sources near the fire location, firefighters speculated one of those bolts heated up after being cut, then dropped near the wood. The hot wood may have smoldered for some time until the wind breathed life into the embers hours later and sparked a small blaze.

The fire was small, limited to a 5-foot section of track and boards near the Mean Streak’s second hill.

Crews using one ladder truck completely extinguished the flames by 10:30 p.m. Firefighters said park personnel already planned to replace the boards that burned, so the fire caused no lasting damage.

According to the park’s website, Mean Streak contains 1.7 million feet of Southern yellow pine.

This was the second fire at the park this year.

On July 6 a 5,000-square-foot service building at the park caught fire. Investigators never determined the cause, but suspected an electrical malfunction was to blame.


Damn, why did the firefighters come so fast? :lol: