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Screamscape said:
(3/20/09) A Screamscape reader managed to screen capture the Cedar Point blog posting from their feed reader before it was taken down and has sent us the image. I cropped it a bit to make it fit on the page better.

(3/19/09) I’ve heard a weird bit of buzz about some strange activity with Cedar Point’s OnPoint! Blog. Apparently yesterday morning they had an update with a photo showing off the cleared section of Millennium Island. A short time later, this update was completely removed, erased is existence, and replaced with a rather small bit of filler about how they’re trying to get a new webcam to work.
One of our readers was quick enough to grab the text of the original update which also comments on the status of Wicked Twister. “Let's bring you up to speed on Wicked Twister, since we've had a lot of questions about it. The ride is currently undergoing standard off-season maintenance. Nothing to worry about. Wicked Twister will twist again on Opening Day. Oh, speaking of Opening Day, when you arrive and ride Millennium Force, you may notice something a little different on Millennium Island. It was so nice out yesterday, we took a stroll over there. The peaceful setting of the park is just breathtaking. (pic of the lagoon near MF island) But then there's this... (pic of the cleared land) As you may have guessed, we're doing something over there. But "what?" is the question...”

Let the rumors start to fly...
^ Well, I'm not thrilled yet and I doubt they'll have any huge additions, but you can't deny the fact it's going to be something new. Whether that's a coaster or a major flat or something, only time will tell!


Could this B&M track in Ohio actually be for CedarPoint?


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I don't recall where I read it, but it was stated that this is going to be some kind of walkthrough attraction.


(Of course, that could have been a smokescreen..)


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Oo jesus.

RM said:
I don't recall where I read it, but it was stated that this is going to be some kind of walkthrough attraction.


(Of course, that could have been a smokescreen..)

That will actually be on the existing Frontier Trail, not something new added on to existing pathways.

Who knows tho? This is mighty early to start ANYTHING though.. even a coaster.


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That is Alton, not Cedar Point.

When CP built Dragster they didn't even start this early. I believe they started rolling in June/July.


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Look at Maverick. They had land cleared opening day 2006, and all that winter they were tearing apart White Water Landing and cutting down trees. They also had to move the train tracks. This could be anything.

From what I read somewhere(I forgot where), it sounds like they cleared out the Boneyard as well, so that would be a perfect location for station/queue. It's pretty hidden if they leave some trees up.

I'm going to go with PLCP's opinion on this. I bet it'll be a GCI, and a fairly large one at that. Pat made a picture a few months ago when he still browsed here, and it was pretty much this same area they're working on, and it had a line for a lift hill, station, brake run, and a 'mess of track' on the island. I think it's legit.


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Maverick had a lot more that needed to be done than just clearing a site of trees and placing footers. They had to remove a whole ride, all of that rides footers, most of the trees within that rides areas, and then move train tracks.

This is nothing but land clearing, similar to TTD.

But, of course, this could be nothing.. or a flat ride.. or a bigger supersplash? :p


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southend_marc said:
Could even be a Eurofighter :wink:
Maybe, but I have a sneaking suspision it's either a water ride, some form of small coaster [spinning, El Loco, etc] or absolutly nothing at all.


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coasterboy said:
some form of small coaster [spinning, El Loco, etc]

That's right out. Small coasters would be PAINFULLY long to wait for at such a large park. Look at Wildcat, it's got a long wait for even a short line.