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Calirado: Summary & Final Score.


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Excellent, excellent report! It's certainly a magnificent part of the world - good to hear you got to make the most of it!

Hey, Grand Canyon may be basic, but there's a reason why it's called the "grand" canyon. Last time I was out there, we did Zion, Bryce, and a few other sights, but Grand Canyon was the most incredible of the geographic sites by a long shot. It's absolutely staggering.
Thanks man. :)
Yeah... the Grand Canyon, we have been there before and yeah, absolutely staggering mate. This time though we thought we'd concentrate on some of the other wonders of the area but, as I mentioned earlier, all we've done is find out about a whole bunch of other stuff that we need to come back for. We've already pencilled in our 5th anniversary for a return visit! :D
Seriously though, reckon you could spend a lifetime round this part of the world and still not see it all.