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Biggest Disappointment...

Alex B

As awesome as it is and don’t take this the wrong way i was let down by steel vengeance it’s still top 3 but el toro is better in my opinion and I was expecting to be astonished with insane pops of ejector which it delivered but not as amazing as people hype it up to be the drop I’d say is the only fairly rated part.However I still loved this ride so much and think it was an amazing RMC but I prefer quality to quantity so I’m going with toro for the rolling thunder hill and the insane drop.

Yoris Kerkhoff

New Member
My biggest disappointment is this new forum style. I don't know about the desktop site but the mobile version feels both minimalist yet too cluttered at the same time. While writing a post there's 26 pressable buttons visible. Looks like a B&M-built pinfari: Looks cool at first but the more you look at it the more painfull it seems.