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Best Ride Music

Mr Nash

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mouse said:
Mine is probably Nemesis Inferno


I can remember spending days at work,with this tune going through my head on a constant loop.

I've even gone as far as looking this song up on t'internet.

Pingu on drugs

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Holywood rip ride rockit is awesome for music (only if you know the hidden tracks). Liking metal, it is always good to have metallica, black sabbath, or breaking benjamin playing in the background... also muse was quite cool :D

Uncle Arly

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Nemesis. Cannot beaten for me. I still listen to the full 20 minute track on occasion. And Tom Baker narrates, whats not to love?


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Hex. It compliments the ride cycle brilliantly, and manages to be catchy but not naff. It's the sort of piece that you can listen to on its own and still enjoy.

Colossus deserves a mention too. But it's been mentioned countless times already. Merlin/Tussauds seem to be very good at getting good ride music.


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I have always had a soft spot for these :

Fata Morgana

Reprise (Part 2)

Vogel Rock


Villa Volta (Yes I know Hex music is better for me too)


Tomb Blaster


Also the RUSH music from 2005 and 2006 was fantastic too.
Tingling tune from 2006 here: Quality tension builder


Rare 2005 queue loop :
EDIT: Rush loading 05 can be found here was one of my favourites : http://www.musicofmerlin.com/thorpe/lost-city/
These are mostly ones that have not been put up yet..
Tower of terror, i love the twilight zone theme but not only that, the half rod serling half i know it isnt rod serling dur but my god i cant tell... soundtrack. Beautifully strung in that video to the original voice 'tonights episode of the twilight zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction... cue voice impressionist... this as you may recognise is a maintainance service eleavator...' seamless.


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8sDoscb ... re=related

Hollywood Dream the ride
Universal Studios Japan
Get Lucky!!!! by Becky & Greeeen aka Gucky

Similar to the Hollywood coaster at Universal Orlando, you have a choice of songs for your ride.
Everytime i rode everyone regardless of age or gender chose track 5 & looked to see i did too!
It turned out its their 10th anniversary theme song, complete with dance moves recreated by guests whenever played over the PA.

My first experience was on the coaster with 3 Japanese ladies in their 50s clapping & laughing along to the music all ride long.

Tom G

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Hex, Thirteen, Rita, Air, Nemesis, Duel at Alton Towers (in that order) by far.

NOT Oblivion.


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Oblivion sounds like the Toca2 start menu! :lol:

And Colossus. Easily the best, I can listen to that music and ride that coaster all day! <3


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Raptor's station music is awesome, especially with the added sound effects. Unfortunately I can't find the piece of music anywhere...yet.


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Thekingin64 said:
When I was at Thorpe Park on Saturday, I took quite a liking to Depth charge's music. It's like it's trying to be Disco Inferno but it isn't.

Depth Charge's music is the same as the flume's at AT except that the flume's version has ducks quacking in it because of the sponsorship. Couldn't find a vid of it without the ducks unfortunately....It is awesome without them though!

I always used to like the Black Hole soundtrack as it's got a kind of retro-spacey feel to it:
The lift hill music:
and the station music:

The old queue music for Space Mountain at Disneyworld is of a similar vein: