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Best Ride Music


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I quite like Valhalla's theme music, It's pretty good for a ride like that and sort of adds to the experience


Also I like Space Mountains theme tune.


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Decent ride music adds to the atmosphere of the ride greatly, however, most rides have no ride music at all or the music is muffled out by everyone talking in the station.

Merlin do this really well by having the ride music played in the queuing area!

Even if a ride has the best ride music ever, it would be made pointless if nobody could hear it.


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Hmmmmmm. Well my favourite was once Hex and that has already been mentioned.

However there are a few that spring to mind as being awesome:

Fluch von Novgorod at Hansa Park deserves a mention for having a full (and bloody brilliant) soundtrack album...

I also think Colossus at Thorpe Park is a pretty good piece too. It is also used on Colossos at Heide Park ironically!

But my ultimate favourite has to be California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure. It just fits absolutely perfectly with the ride. It is played using onboard audio and they have done a fantastic job in getting the music to match up with ever last up, down and round. I <3 it!

Mysterious Sue

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How did I not see this topic?!!!! Read my sig!!!

I totally agree on the ability of music to make an otherwise mediocre coaster into something fantastic. I find it particularly true with indoor Vekomas - Vogel Roc and the Space Mountains have EPIC music which easily bump them up to among my favorites list.

Had a fascinating conversation with Jerry last week about the Led Zeplin ride that used to be at Hard Rock Park. I really wish I'd had the chance to ride that in all it's glory - I think I would have had a bit of a crisis moment ;)

In my humble opinion, Efteling is the most fantastic park for music, with a full orchestra brought in on a lot of their tracks. Have some Vliegende Hollander <3 <3 <3


And don't forget Vampire xxxx



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I prefer this to the entire rollercoaster, it's a beautiful piece, I'd go far enough to say this one of the best pieces of music I've heard! I love how it opens with such an ambient/dream-like progression (similar to AIR), then seamlessly travels into the bombastic (duhhhh-duh-duh-duhhh...) melody. It really is lovely, and adds so much more to such a mediocre rollercoaster.

It reminds me parts of the Overture to Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater (in fact it sounds more like a medley of park music, Final Fantasy and Zelda), also a spectacular song!



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Even though the ride is mostly pants, Soarin's soundtrack is beautiful and fits perfectly with the ride.


Krake at Heide Park also has pretty cool music.


I also really liked the music played in Manta's queueline although I can't seem to find a good high quality version of it around. Oh and I also really like Eurosat, Colossus, Hex, CA Screamin' which everyone has already mentioned too. I wish more parks would add soundtracks to their rides as it really adds to the atmosphere around the ride as well.


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This sound be a no brainer. The hollywood rip Rockit ride in Universal Studios has 30 tracks to pick from before riding. You pick your favourite sound track. Nothing like cruising on a cool coaster listening to "kickstart my heart" by Motley Crue.


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Bizarro at SFNE:

Right at the top of the lift hill, it says, "Didn't your dad ever teach you to...look...before...you leap......!"

and then you plunge into the mist tunnel


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^Shame the rest of the Bizarro theming ruins the ride though. That's basically the only good bit.


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^^^ Ugh, I hate repeating myself, but that is not ride music in the real sense; it's no different to listening to your iPod while riding.

^^ That soundtrack, along with the cardboard cutout bull ****, ruins what would otherwise be a top ten coaster.


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^ the cardboard sucks, the audio is awesome. I felt the chain lift on Superman to be boring, traditional. I love the audio while climbing the chain lift while riding Bizarro.


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I think ride music is very important, and I love quite a lot of it, here are some of my favourites!

Journey to Atlantis
Splash Mountain (love it)
Tower of Terror
Bubbleworks (BEFORE the bloody ducks)
Toyland Tours (classic)

But I think my all time favourite group of soundtracks has to be Duel/Gloomy Wood (new version)
I just adore it!


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When I was at Thorpe Park on Saturday, I took quite a liking to Depth charge's music. It's like it's trying to be Disco Inferno but it isn't.