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Back To Blackpool, PBB, Aug '11 Trip Reports


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First I would like to say thank you all for making me feel so welcome, I had an awesome time. Now on to a badly written trip report accompanied with badly taken photos. :)

We arrived at Blackpool on Friday evening, and walked along the promenade. We slept.

On Saturday morning me and Lyyn (who will now be known as Auntie Mouse) tried to find somewhere to have breakfast, but we found nothing. :( We got our tickets and stopped for a drink, I saw someone who looked A LOT like Amanda Thompson... until she smiled. On the way into the park I met Nic.
Before meeting up we had a look around the park, first impressions were good!
The fountains were AMAZING.


Then we met up and did the Big Dipper, which had a surprising amount of airtime, and wasn't to rough.
We moved on to Nickelodean streak, which was also really good, better than expected. Next we did Blue Flyer, Auntie Mouse liked this.

I think it was the Disk-O next, which was fun.

While most of you went on Valhalla, me, Auntie Mouse, Taylor and Brad got the three Steeplechase creds.

Steeplechase was fun, me and Auntie Mouse won twice, Brad and Taylor cheated on one. :p

Then we had a nice lunch of donuts dipped in ice cream.

We did blue flyer again, then met up again at Avalanche.

Avalanche was more intense than I expected, shame it was too short.

I think it was the Nash next, I was in the front row, I loved this one, I love it so much that it is now my favourite coaster!

Me and Auntie Mouse did River Caves while you went on my namesake. I liked River Caves, Auntie Mouse said it was her favourite.

We did River Caves again with the rest of CF, Ian, Rebel, Mushroom and someone else (you know who you are!) got wet on this. We didn't.

The Big One was next, the first drop was good, but the rest of the layout was rubbish. Sue kept spitting on me which made it a lot worse. :wink:

After the big one, I didn't feel like doing Revolution, so me and Auntie Mouse went on the carousel. I also went to the toilet. toilets weren't that nice.

We did steeplechase at some point.

Then we did Gold Mine with an awesome ride op.

I went to the toilet again, and we watched the dancing fountain, accompanied by the CF dance troup.
We did the Nash again, this time I was in the middle somewhere. It was better this time, completely out of control.

I skipped the mouse again, and we left the park and went to the Carneskys ghost train, which I didn't do, how was it?
We left.

On the way back, we saw Bazpa at Preston train station, sadly he didn't see us. :(

Once again thanks everyone for the awesome day, and I hope to see you all at the next lives!


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Ha, Mouse that was a cool trip report with some amusing moments. The toilets were in Blackpool, of course they were going to be dreadful :p Lol @ Sue spitting on you, she can be such a mysterious burden :D

Thanks to Ian and John for organising a great day and for Will's Dad for driving me there and Richard sorting out B&B etc. Annoyingly the past couple of weeks of lack of sleep really caught up with me which meant I was too tired to really join in on conversations etc and I had a splitting headache all day which was made worse by the rides so I apologise if I came across as uber negative etc. Despite that I did still enjoy myself as there were the usual antics throughout the day, still can't believe what was drawn on Maddie. I may do a trip report but I didn't really take many pictures so it'll be a bit of a burden to read through if I was to write one. We'll see.


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Bruised, battered, soaked over and over, baked alive, frozen, soaked some more. I loved every minute of it.
Such a great Live this one, back to Blackpool and back to the magic that makes these days out so good.

We started the day with some great weather, bright warm sunshine and me wrapped in a great big white coat. I'd panicked on Thursday thinking I'd be the only one not in fancy dress so as I'm always getting told I look like Harold Shipman since I grew my beard I decided to go as him. Even I'll admit there is a resemblance when my beard is a bit more bushy but I'd trimmed it earlier in the week so it didn't really work.

Was disappointed to see so few people had even bothered getting dressed up but never mind, it was fun. Great to meet so many new people too and make some new friends.

First off was the Big Dipper and I lost half of my stethoscope somewhere round the course - cost me £3 that bit of plastic :) for some reason I held on to the rest of it till the lunch break. Then it was on to the Nick land rides, the Nash was to be next but the queue was too big so we did Valhalla. I got absolutely soaked as usual - I still think there are people inside just throwing buckets of water all over people they don't like. Lunch break called after that and I spent 20 minutes trying to get my locker open to store my costume as I wasn't walking around in it on my own and then got in a quick ride on the Grand National - still my favourite ride. Turned out to be anything but quick due to the stupid new braking system so I then had a mad dash to make the meet up by Avalanche and no time to go back for my costume, the weather changed not long after that and that big coat would have been most welcome in the rain, I also had a fleece and raincoat in the locker but didn't want to leave the group to go get them so was shivering with the rest of us all afternoon.

With the afternoon meetup came the prizes and I was delighted to get third prize, £6 and a priceless bottle of fountain water which I will treasure forever. Off onto Avalanche we went and the hilarious sight of the ride op panicking when she saw Maddie's fake cigarette and was running down the platform shouting "stop the ride" I rode Avalanche with a jayjay sitting in my lap the he grabbed my stick for me when we got off and I looked for the fake cigarette as I'd seen where she put it and I completely forgot about the bottle of water till after we got out of the building and couldn't get back upstairs to get it.

I lose track of the ride order after this but soon it was back on the Nash and the river caves which I sat and watched as I did it a couple of months ago and didn't fancy it again. Wild Mouse was around then too and off there to a very welcome doughnut off Ian (Thanks Ian) the mouse was certainly wild that day so soon after the rain, more rain throughout the afternoon meant all of us getting wet and also getting a bottle full of water hitting me in a water fight I wasn't involved in, all the time thinking of my coat sitting in a locker.

Final couple of rides were the Nash again which hurt a bit with my chest wobbling about left Ian panicing at the side of me as he thought I was having a heart attack but I was just holding onto my chest to stop everything bouncing about, then another wild trip on the mouse to finish off before I finally got to put something warm on and we then went off to the ghost train outside the park. Then about 10 of us went for a meal at Yates wine lodge which was good, god only knows why I had a mixed grill at that time of night which kept me awake half the night, and after that we split, I was supposed to be going on to a Karaoke bar afterwards but by the time I got back to the B&B to shower and get changed I had to crawl upstairs my legs were so bad and I knew I'd never make it there, don't know if anyone else made it there in the end.

All in all I had a fantastic day and it was one of my favourite Lives. Thanks to everyone who went and hopefully will see everyone again soon.


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Lovely report from mouse and Baz!

Vadge's face is awesome in the sill group photos, however, Maddie's pose is the best. If you zoom in on the large photo, you'll see she's looking lustily at Baz whilst she fondles herself. Brilliant!
I'll do a proper report later on or tomorrow, but I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who made it fab and especially to everyone who made it possible for me to be there :) I've always loved the looks of Blackpool and I was gutted when I thought I couldn't go anymore so yah, thanks to everyone who helped me get there or who offered me help! As I expected, I really liked Blackpool as a park and more importantly I enjoyed meeting up with everyone and meeting people I've not met before.

Proper trip report to come later, even though I didn't get many pictures :( .

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Besides the train driver it only had two actors inside, which meant the final third of the ride never had anything going on.

Nowhere near as good as some of the reviews made it out to be IMO.

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After being anally raped by the food police (Seriously, what else are they looking for? Lofty set off the metal detector, but they couldn't be arsed to check why!) we got into the park and headed for Nash. We arrived about an hour before meet-up, so had plenty of time to mill about and catch up with everyone. I'd had a curry the night before, so apologies to anyone who ended up in my fart-wake at any point during the morning! It also meant we got to see 3 cycles of the incredibly exciting dancing fountain.


First ride of the day was dipper. EUGH! I don't remember it being good, but I don't remember it being THAT bad!

We then headed for Nick land. I don't dislike it at all, but then I quite like Nick (and LOVE Spongebob!) so I might be a bit biased. I'm gutted we didn't end up going on the Twist and Splash, that looked fab! So, anyway, after an awful queue, we went on "Orange". It was meh.




(didn't get any more photos till the end of the day due to rain and apathy)

Next, some of the group did Blue Flyer. Due to ScaryButFunBlatantPaedoRideOp not being there, and wanting to spend the time exploring, I didn't bother. Instead, Jordan and I went and spent ages looking round the Nick shop. OMGONEELEVEN! It's amazing!

This is where I need to put out an appeal. They've got PBB Spongebob snowglobe fridge magnets! I WANT ONE! Was going to "go back for it later" but never did then ran out of time. If anyone is going back there at some point soon, please get me one, and I'll give you the money. kthx.

Then everyone did the Bender ride. I like Giant Disk'o rides, but not the little ones, so didn't bother.

Pretty sure we ended up on Valhalla after that. I'd never done it before. I don't really do water rides, but I was wearing sandals and quick-dry shorts, plus I've heard such good things about it that I decided it was worth it. Mind you, that didn't stop me investing £1.50 in a poncho. Best £1.50 I ever spent. The ride it fab, but you will get SOAKED (mind you, I was led to believe there was a bit where the ceiling basically opens up and dumps gallons of water on your head. This didn't happen so it was therefore slightly drier than I was expecting... but not much). The effects are awesome. The only bit I didn't like is where it stops at the top before going backwards. It stopped so suddenly that everyone really smacked their knees on the seat in front. Apart from that though, it was definitely the best themed water ride I've ever been on.

Peep, Stone Cold and myself decided to do lunch at the new Pizza place where Space Invader was. It was very nice, but by the time you'd bought a drink as well, ended up being rather pricey.

Meet-up was over at avalanche where the dressing up prizes were awarded. The one that caused the most entertainment was the Booby prize which went to Jordan for dressing as normal, but making people think she was Amy Winehouse. hahaha! The booby prize was a bag o'crap that Big John had amassed including pens, keyrings, badges, mugs, sweets etc. The bag got passed round and people picked out anything good/useful. Stone Cold then got hold of it and smashed the mugs, turning it into a kind of "lucky dip of death".

Avalanche was fab as ever. Its one of those rides that I always forget about, yet I always really enjoy.

Nash was next. 2nd to last row on the left. Awesome! That ride always makes me scream and giggle all the way round! I love it!

Wild Mouse in the rain was next. OMFG! Again, every time I ride this, it's even more mental than I remember. I love the overwhelming feeling of impending death that comes from riding this!

River caves were next. We somehow (prob cause me and Big John were sat in the back row! haha) managed to end up with the front of the boat behind wedged on top of the back of ours, meaning that when we pulled away, they dropped down and got splashed!

T'Biggun next. Massive queue. Annoying inaccurate station announcement. Videos of Amanda in the station. As ever, EPIC first drop (actually thought I was going to fly out to my death!) then the rest is just utter crap. Then some people did Steeplecase. I didn't realise and you'd all gone, otherwise I'd have prob ridden it. I didn't really care though. Then some people did Bling. I definitely didn't mind missing that. Same for Revolution which was next up.

From there we went over to Infusion. I hadn't ridden this for about 3 years, so decided it was probably about time I had another go. Eugh, still as awful as ever. As I always predicted, they've turned that waterfall thing off and let it go all scummy which just makes it look awful.

Then it was over to Gold Mine. This is when the sillyness started, and the camera came back out.


Same bonkers Irish ride op as last time I was there. Absolute nutter. It'll be a shame if this ride does get ripped out and re-done as is the current rumour. I don't think its that bad, and had a bit of a queue every time I walked past during the day.

When we got off, Big John got on the motorbide ride-on...


...then encouraged me to ride pillion


We then started looking for opportunities to go planking and owling




There was just time for one more ride on Nash (back row, right side. LESSTHANTHREE), a solo ride on Wild Mouse (again, ThoughtIWasGonnaDie!) and a quick dance round the fountain before it was time to say our goodbyes.

Thanks everyone for a fab day. Well done to Big John and Ian for organising it all. Big hello to everyone who I met for the first time (Bazpa, Mouse, Auntie Mouse, Rebel, King64, Queen64, Alan - sorry if I forgot anyone!) and hope all the newbies enjoyed themselves and will considering joining us again :)


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Ian said:
Vadge's face is awesome in the sill group photos, however, Maddie's pose is the best. If you zoom in on the large photo, you'll see she's looking lustily at Baz whilst she fondles herself. Brilliant!
with a foot between my legs, what more could a girl want? ;)