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We had Bobby Robson, Amy Winehouse, Dr Harold Shipman and Michael Jackson at the Live today!

More importantly, about over 30 CFers had a ball at the UK's premier seaside amusement park. Here's their story...

(If anybody posts a TR that is!)


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Didn't take many pics...

But here is a bit of fountainforce



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Nothing else to do right now (apart from sort through video clips), so have a report...

I arrived with my dad quite early to the park, meeting Mushroom, Rebel (she got her costume, it's okay :p ) and a small gathering of others. We started chatting, we got into the park after being searched by the food police and then everybody else started turning up. It was a slow start to the day, but after introductions, we headed off to the Big Dipper.

The Big Dipper was as fun as I remembered it; not too bad but not hugely exciting. I had last year's derailment at the back of my mind while riding, which was a bit unnerving (insert disclaimer about accident stats here).

But since we survived that, we headed onwards to Nickolodeon Land. Roller Coaster was first (I know what you're thinking, but it's Roller Coaster, not Nickolodeon Streak... *gak, spit*). Zipper Dipper has been equally defaced, but at least Blue Flyer is a semi respectable name. Roman, the awesome ride-op wasn't operating it today, which made me disappointed.

Looking back, those paragraphs are very negative. Don't worry, I was still enjoying talking to people and getting involved in/filming antics.

Valhalla next... still a brilliant ride in my opinion, and most of the effects seemed to be working. Whether it was just because I was in the fat boat or bad memory, but it seemed a lot wetter than usual. I certainly don't remember the huge hammers chucking water around. Fun was had, I got soaked, and then it was lunch.

I headed off to investigate the laser maze with Mushroom and Rebel, who tried to convince others to join them, but failed. It's an interesting and fairly fun little attraction in the amusements which involves walking through a field of green laser beams, and trying to hit the targets around the room in as little time as possible without hitting too many beams. I was quite good at it - something to try if you're ever in Blackpool in the future. Just takes a few minutes. Lunch was had at a (rather nice actually) greasy spoon chippy place.

Back at the meet-up, we did Avalanche, which I concluded was far too overlooked in the coaster community. Even sitting on Barry, it was a really fun ride, if a bit too short, and I'd love to do more bobsled coasters. I think Grand Nash was next. Pain - that is all. After Nash type pain, we wandered over to do some Mouse type pain, but the Wild Mouse had a better, more fun type of pain, so it was enjoyed immensely. I think the rain must've helped make the ride slightly faster too, making the out of control feeling even more so. The last few turns and hills are just completely mad.

Starting to lose track of what was done in what order so I'll just list things.

The "not sponsored by Pepsi Max" Big One was as uninteresting as ever. Good first drop, meh layout. But I noticed a distinct amount of airtime today which was nice.

Steeplechase. Not a big thrilling ride but it's really quite fun.

Irn-Bru Revolution with its buckets of airtime, great backwards loop and general awesomeness (stop kidding yourself Richard, it's great and it didn't give me a migraine).

River Caves. I've got a soft spot for this. It's fun and it tries (and fails) to educate people about things. But it's just so Blackpool. The models have that traditional feel. And of course, there's the odd room where they fit in blue caves, a fried chicken restaurant and Gold Mine track... speaking of which,

Gold Mine. Not really much to say about it really. A bit dull.

Nice to meet and talk to people I've not seen in ages, people I've not seen at all (I think there were a couple of new faces today, with accompanying parents). It was a great day out, so I'm happy overall.

"John! That is a new machine!" T Shirt
Somebody (probably Ian from CoasterForce) bought doughnuts - they were well appreciated
Seeing Furie and maxi-minor_Furie get evacuated from the cars ride
Wild Mouse
Chris and Richard's debate (read: Chris getting shouted at by Richard) about beer and Bristol in the Revolution queue
There were lots of good things, I can't remember them all and I'm tired.

Video will follow shortly.

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I was lurking behind some of you in the queue for Carnesky's Ghost Train!

What did you make of it? I was quite disappointed TBH.

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Mackem Lad said:
I was lurking behind some of you in the queue for Carnesky's Ghost Train!

What did you make of it? I was quite disappointed TBH.

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It was missing a character inside yesterday. Mainly due to the reason I was at the Pleasure Beach! :wink:

I had a really fun day. Was great finally getting to meet some members again that I hadn't seen since 2008! There was some LOL moments. Obviously. One of them being Maddie's Ridin' Dutty on Avatar Airbender & although it is bad to admit, the scarf moment, whichshouldneverhavehappenedAJ!


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*Awaits loads more in-jokes and half explained things to exclude those who weren't there*


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Ollie said:
*Awaits loads more in-jokes and half explained things to exclude those who weren't there*

To be fair though, its only certain people that seem to do that a lot and even then, everyone is a little guilty of it now and again, even you Ollie.


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I would post a trip report but as my mum seems to hate even the idea of queueing, I wasn't with the group for most of the day. Instead of queueing and chatting with everyone, I ended going on nearly every kids ride there with the exit pass I had due to my very slight Asbergers.

The short time I had with the group was fun though with Sue and (who I think was) Stone cold getting soaked by the fountains. :lol:


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^^Yeah but I always try to explain briefly what happened so people who weren't there know what the hell we're on about lol. :p

I'm gutted I haven't been able to afford any lives this year. Really missed hanging out with CF. Glad that you all had fun though and I hope the weather wasn't too horrible.


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i had a amazing day out, though i did disturb the peace of blackpool in my costume but it was really funny how people reacted :lol:.


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Sounded like a good day, gutted I couldn't come :-( I'm hoping to come to at least one live this year. It's far too depressing waving John off and then reading how much fun everyone had while I was dealing with poosplosions.


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Thekingin64 said:
I would post a trip report but as my mum seems to hate even the idea of queueing, I wasn't with the group for most of the day. Instead of queueing and chatting with everyone, I ended going on nearly every kids ride there with the exit pass I had due to my very slight Asbergers.

You must have known what was going to happen in the footy when you left early... 7-1 eh? that's a thumping! :lol:

had a great couple of days in the PB though!

queues were about 20-30 mins, and died down after 5 or 6

Friday - Arrived at about half 12 - headed straight to the wild mouse, followed by steeplechase which were both as good as I remember - nothing else gives that hold on tight feeling of steeplechase.

had one go each on:
Nickelodeon streak - longest queue at about 40 minutes - one train operation, grrrrrr!
Blue flyer
avalanche - I have a real soft spot for this - just such fun!
Big dipper - actually quite a smooth ride on this
Nash - wasn't as mad as on the saturday
Ice blast
Revolution - witnessed a failed launch in the queue line
alice ride (I love dark rides)
chinese puzzle maze
derby racer
ghost train
Grand prix (last ride of the day, winding down)
PB express
river caves
gold mine (love this ride!!)

Whenever I'm at PBB, I just wonder how they fit so many rides in!! Particularly gold mine and river caves in what loos like a small area!

also had second goes on mouse and steeplechase - mouse was on great form!

also did some of the rides I didn't do on friday

Valhalla - I don't care if some of the effects aren't quite perfectly timed - I still think it's the best flume ride out there!
Big one - just thinking how much airtime it would have if intamin designed it to a similar layout....
Infusion - last time I rode was about 3 years ago, and it was just a "meh" coaster, which was ok at the front - yesterday it was pure pain!
avatar airbender - not a huge fan of disko's, was ok
Bling - can't touch a good topscan! (or a pegasus)

1st go on nash - 3rd row from the back, gave decent airtime and didn't knock me too much
2nd go on nash - back row - just insane, really beat me up!
mouse in the rain
Stone Cold's tatooing skills in the queue of river caves
the ride op on gold mine - telling us the safety bar would tighten "if we should go upside down", and that "us three in the back" would stay nice and dry, and that it was nice knowing the front 4!

EDIT: - and giving Sue a big round of applause getting off revolution - having kept us all waiting for about 6 hours(*)

lowlights - the rain at the end of the day, got soaked getting back to my hotel!

(*) - actually - more like 10-15 minutes....

Mysterious Sue

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Absolutely shattered (didn't get home till 2am this morning, then up again at 6).
Currently suffering from that familiar post-PBB, everything aches feeling!
Lets see if I can wade through the mire of exhaustion for some highlights:

Meeting lots of new people *waves*
Mouse's aunt(?) congratulating Jordan on her Amy Winehouse costume...Jordan replying 'this is how I always look'
Ian's 'that is a new machine' T-shirt
John saving me from flying out of Big Dipper
Wild mouse in the rain (OMFG!!!)
Lofty showing me the delights of Revolution's front (then back) row (even with the monsoon rain)
The EPIC water fight with Stone Cold, John and Alan.
Everyone's crazy costumes
The bag of crap being fought over
Richard claiming all the pens, then loosing them out of his pocket on the Nash
Will and I inventing the 'Rape Dance'
One step behind...
Taking Steeplechase way too seriously
The crazy ride op on Gold Mine
Last ride on the Nash being so good it was obscene
Everything being burdenous!

Lipstick maps of the M25 and the legendary 'Dartford bridge toll cost' argument when Richard and I decided to get too drunk on Sat night
Funicular cred!
Ed and the Magician: 1, 2, 3 times a lady.... (so funny I actually cried)
The boat collision felling two ride ops
Playing Just a Minute (having to talk for 1 minute about Motorway signs)

Richard thinking that it would be fun to use the whole of the Planets Suite as guess the CFer (apparently I'm Neptune)
Absense of crazy ride op on Zipper Dipper
No more World of Boys *sobs*
The barefoot path through troughs of hay and mud and very painful pebbles


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First of all, apologies for not spending all day with the group. For the most part, the Blackpool coasters cripple me (took me almost three weeks to recover from going with ECG... Up to this weekend in fact). Blackpool isn't a good park for bag ladying either.

On top of that, I really wanted to have a good day there with Maxi-Minor_Furie. I have massively fond memories of Blackpool as a child, so I wanted to try and recapture a bit of that. Which was a success (even if MMF was an emotional wreck by the end of the day (Blackpool is actually full of too much excitement ;) ) ). I wanted to try and regain positivity towards the park too, after years of being quite negative towards it.

Anyway, the time I spent with the group in snatches here and there was great. Blackpool really makes people come alive and there was a great vibe with you all. It was also fantastic getting cat calls as I did the walk of shame (ish) off Grand Prix because it was badgered :p Typical of CF to be walking past at that exact moment.

He wont post his own report, but Minor_Furie had a superb time and really feels comfortable and a happy part of the group, so thanks to everyone for continuing to put up with him and to make him feel welcome :)

For the record, I loved the bender ride and the Twist and Splash is really fab. Also, Revolution and Avalanche are probably the two best rides there now (and I missed both :( ). Both are too short and finish when you're just enjoying them, but at least they're great and don't beat you to death.

Oh, and Valhalla isn't very good, it really isn't :p