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Automatic or Manual Transmission on Cars?

Do you know how to drive a stick? If so, do you prefer it?

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I have driven an automatic car one time, and I didn't like it. I got strange twitches in my left leg in the beginning... :D

No it's manual all the way, more fun, faster, economical, etc.

But then the question comes, where will all these "flappy paddle" gearboxes fit in this discussion?


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^ but weird!

I prefer manuals.

I once drove a friends semi-automatic stick shift car around a car park... that was odd, you had to change gears in the usual way, but with no clutch!


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I don't really know what to choose. In driving school I drove manual cars of course, which were really nice, but after that I've only driven my parents automatic car for about a year. Even though it didn't feel as "real" as manual, I still like not to have to worry about gears etc. However if I drove a manual car more I'd of course getting back to getting used to it etc. so yeah dunno really.


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Manual is fun and entertaining, but those are not the primary reasons for owning a car. You drive a car to get you from point A to point B quickly.

That's the reason as to why America has never produced a great car, just appliances on wheels, :(


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Alright! I'm pretty happy with the responses so far.

For the record, I'm in America and currently the driver of an American car with a manual...so it is possible (though it did cost extra).

furie said:
I've only ever driven high powered Automatic cars - so I can't comment too much as they were good fun :)
Do tell...

furie said:
...if you know what you'redoing in an automatic, you can still get it to shift up or down to a degree under your own control.
True, but I don't think it's nearly as much fun...especially since you can't rev between shifts ;).

Also, thanks for that, Ian...

Hyde: Manuals don't get in my way of getting from point A to B...and plus, why shouldn't *every* point A to B also be entertaining?


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I prefer manual, but driving in stop & go New York City traffic ruins any pleasure derived therein. So that being said, I own a semi-automatic.


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I just had to do a hill start in third gear in the snow. First and second weren't getting me up it. As far as I'm aware, that would be a lot harder in an automatic!


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wolverinechris said:
furie said:
I've only ever driven high powered Automatic cars - so I can't comment too much as they were good fun :)
Do tell...

3L V6 Toyota Camry and a Merc CLK Kompressor

Okay, in US terms they're not THAT high powered, but compared to the cars I normally drive (2 Litre Diesels, 1.6 or 1.8 mid range cars (or even smaller engined small cars).

Sorry, should have qualified my statement "high powered" with "(for the UK)" :lol:

That Camry was a beast though :lol:

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^ You need to come drive my Dads 4.2ltr Jaguar XJR. 0-60 in just under 5 seconds. :)
We're getting a bigger pully for it too, so that'll give it an even bigger kick.


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I've got a Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor AMG and when I first went to buy it' they we're trying to flog me an Automatic so they gave me one to test drive for 5 days - and there was a few times I nearly killed myself!

Therefore I ordered the car with my own spec - A MANUAL GEAR BOX!

Manual Gear Box FTW! :--D

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I've Driven Mercs, they're pigs in manual. Same with Manual Jaguars and BMW's...

Automatic Jags, Mercs and BMW's ftw :D

But then, Manual Ferrari FTW!!!!!!!!


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Well ive had 28 cars so far autos & manuals & im an automatic fan. My FTO I have at the moment has a semi auto steptronic box & its great & fast. Maybe I am lazy :p


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Well I passed my driving test in July, first time,only 2 points, in an AUTO. I had only been having lessons since the March. As I have been a passenger and pedestrian and seen so many accidents/stupid drivers/have 2 kids I wanted 1 less thing to think about i.e clutch and gears.