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Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood


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Anyone else not bothered about watching all the videos and lead up to it? I just want to know if it will actually be good or not and I know they won't tell me that haha.
I'm not watching any of the videos until I know if the ride is based on the Edward Woodward or the Nicolas Cage version, then I'll rent the correct one.


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I haven't watched anything or clicked any links, this feels extremely flat, especially with Madame Fab up the road building something we actually want.
I probably won't even bother with the POV, that's how much I care, but I'll meet up with CF for an early season ride for sure.

Mysterious Sue

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I'd like to think the hooded figures are an homage to the classic Nemesis promo from all those years ago, certainly what it reminded me of.
They don't make them like that any more!

With all the Stranger Things love at the moment, wouldn't it be amazing if a park went all retro and did 80s/early 90s themed advertising?

This current campaign has just felt a bit flat. Like the ride, it's failing to evoke any sort of excitement.

Nice shot of the woodlice though.
You mean cheesy bugs, right? ;p


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Think it's because the world feels like it sucks and very serious at the moment? That we wish for the crazy safe feeling (at least in the UK) of the 90s?

I did like the video for The Chooser, but I can also feel like sort of blends too easily with other things. It doesn't stand out. It's not fun. It's like watching an intro-video for a symphonic metal band.


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It's not fun. It's like watching an intro-video for a symphonic metal band.
But symphonic metal's lots of fun! :p :p

I was put in mind of one of the darker genres, to be honest.

I still don't feel that this project's much to be excited about, but with it being my local park and as 'a coaster' is better than 'no coaster', I'll watch the videos just because they're there. It's easier to complain about them online that way ;)


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Did someone say Wicker Man?


Mit deLuxe

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That theming looks pretty good!
Looks like it will make a big visual impact on the surrounding areas.
I hope they also clean up Katanga Canyon before the start of the season.


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That head looks huge, I'm still super excited to finally have a woodie at Towers; the UK's first New woodie for over 20 years, the first *major* new woodie in *England* since - I'm not even sure - the 1930s?! I'm amazed there are so many negative comments going on!


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I think they should have scaled down the statue a little bit. It seems a bit out of proportion with the rest of the ride whereas the Marmalizer works well with the height and size of the ride.