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20th Anniversary CF Live - THORPE PARK - 16th April 2023


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Group photo has to be in the spot where the first one was taken.


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I so wish I had the ability to join in but public transport from here to Thorpe is stupidly long winded and expensive 😫 have a great time guys and shout "Coasterforce" for me 😀


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I asked ChatGPT to write a totally cool rap about tomorrow 😎

Yeah, yeah, yo, listen up, I've got a story to tell, 'Bout a group of thrill-seekers, they're known so well, CoasterForce is the name, they're on a mission, To ride the best coasters, with precision.
They came to Thorpe Park, ready for a day of fun, The adrenaline pumping, under the shining sun, With cameras and mics, they're ready to go, Capturing every moment, for their YouTube show.
They started with Stealth, the king of speed, A launch coaster that's sure to make you scream, Next up was Saw, with its twisted turns, A horror-themed coaster that left them yearning for more.
They conquered Nemesis Inferno, the beast of the park, With its loops and inversions, it left its mark, The Swarm was next, with its near-miss moments, They all came off with huge grins, no need for ointments.
The day was filled with laughter and screams, As CoasterForce tackled every coaster, it seems, They conquered them all, with ease and flair, Their love for coasters, they happily shared.
So if you're a thrill-seeker, come and join the crew, At Thorpe Park, there's always something new, CoasterForce will be waiting, ready to ride, To conquer every coaster, with nothing to hide.


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Have a good day everyone. I did look into it and the trip was costing upwards of £200 for me which I just couldn’t justify. Absolutely gutted. Can’t wait to see pics etc


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Thanks all for a wonderful day!

A surprisingly quiet Thorpe, all things considered, made it a great day. A huge shout out to Serena too for all the organisation with the quiz, raffle faffle and guess the coaster. The "this is a state you can cook in" clue will live on in my mind for a while..

As a newer goon to the Lives, it was great to see some familiar faces, and meet loads more people for the first time. Hopefully won't be the last :D


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Well, I certainly have the post-Live glow ❤️


Thank you very much to everyone who came along to Thorpe. What a fantastic day! Nice weather, minimal crowds, short queues...couldn't have asked for better Live conditions. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and meet some new people too.

As a rule of thumb, I was trying to be one of the last people from the group to get on the ride for most of the rides today. This was not just to keep the group organised, but because:

Everytime I walked out a ride exit and saw all of you stood together, laughing and chatting away - it put the biggest smile on my face.

Thanks for a fab day of goony fun! I wonder if "Chris" ever made it out of Black Mirror...







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When I returned to the car and plugged my phone in, I had only used 10% battery! To be entertained enough to keep my phone in my pocket is testament to how much I enjoyed the day. Also means that I didn’t take any photos….but who needs to see another photo of Stealth’s top hat, anyway?

It was brilliant catching up with some people I’ve not seen for many years. That theme park sparkle is still there, and it’s made better by new faces and returning ones. I juts love the dynamic of CF and the easy manner to flit between people and conversations. As Serena did, I often caught myself observing the smiles and engagement. It was lovely to see.

Some highlights for me:
  • Nadia and Martyn not knowing what the their Cred Heads were. They must be the only two who didn’t know what “Ride to Happiness” is, lol.
  • The Faffle – can’t beleive I won my mug back…was glad to put it back in the draw! Thanks to everybody who donated stuff, in particular Joey for his badges and Nitefly for his Mysterious Envelope.
  • The horrible shoelace sweets, which I really liked.
  • Howie unable to guess “Defiance”. Tom and I must have looked weird to passers by with our stuttering of “D.d..d..dd” to help him.
  • The Storm Surge Noise. How me and Nic sat there for 15 mins with that going on is beyond me.
  • Learning from Josh that 2.7 bath tubs of water is used per slash on Tidal Wave. Hixee and I worked out this out to be about 750 litres. Wonder if that’s why Thorpe say they’re the “UK wettest theme park”?
  • The Lost Chris in the Black Mirror Maze, where the ops kept talking over the tanoy to help him out, completely spoiling the story for our group. Was even funnier when we bumped into Lost Chris, only to find he was a grown-up…unless he went in there as a youngster?
  • The Activity Packs were good conversation starters – thanks Serena! The name badges, too!! (Talking of name badges, was great to see some of the old ones!)
  • Flying Fish takeover, and the brief "actions to describe rides" game with Emily and Sue in the queue.
  • "Which emergency services vehicle are we meeting at?"
  • Watching Rachel explore the “new” pathway towards Saw.
  • People stopping to look at the missing Colossus track.
  • First Live ever without Sue being a noticeable burden!
  • The group photo with the banner, and the ARSE photo with the "Founding Father's of CF Lives".

Couple of points about the park. Since my last visit, there seems to be an improvement in appearance. I though the dome area looked smarter. Was nice to see the graffiti in Swarm’s station cleared, but I bet it won’t be long until it’s covered again. Operations seems ok, with the exception of Detonator. Not too long queues to get annoyed, but long enough to socialise and get everything done. Weather was pretty good, my head is slightly coloured like Nemesis Inferno this morning. My favourite ride remains Stealth, but Swam is still pretty special. My biggest bug bear (and this is me being "old") was the music volume - it was ridiculous in the Fish queue and by the Colossus turnaround, seemed a bit unnecessary (even tough the Colossus music is the best theme park music ever).

Thanks once again to Serena for making it happen and organising a slick, fun-packed day - love you!! Cheers to everybody who attended, it was lovely to see you and I hope you had a great and stupid time like I did. As I said throughout the day, it wasn’t the last Live but it’s the last one for while until we work out the ‘how, where and who’ aspects. After yesterday, I hope the next one comes soon. Cheers once again, all!


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I had an excellent day! It’s certainly been a long time coming for me to attend a live again, but we were saying on the way back that it was just like putting on a comfortable old pair of shoes. We just felt right at home again straight away!

It was great to see so many old faces, thanks to every one of you who came! It was great that it actually became a “reunion” of sorts. Also lovely to meet the new faces, some who I felt like i I already knew, some I didn’t. I just wish I’d had longer, the day absolutely flew by!

The upshot of the day though was definitely “let’s not leave it so long again next time!”.


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I'm quite jealous of everybody who was able to attend. I'm not going to lie. I searched for flights several times in the hopes that I would find a ridiculously cheap flight like I so often have in the past for many of my international adventures, but to no avail. It just wasn't in the cards. Looks like it was a great time though. Maybe the stars will align if another Live comes to fruition.
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What a day! So great to see so many faces and lovely hanging out with everyone again. Makes me very grateful to be involved in CF!

Thanks of course to Serena for putting the whole thing together - herding us, organising the games and activity packs, and being welcoming to one and all - and thanks to everyone else for being there and being awesome.

I took very few photos - 12 in fact - so I only have have these two to leave you with. @Slamming Coastercore and @Nitefly enjoying their front row ride on Stealth!



Lovely day. :)

Will perhaps post some thoughts on Thorpe later...
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I had an absolutely fab time with this lovely gaggle of goons. I remember saying to Sue back in January when we did Fly Into The New Year that I wish I had found this group 10 years ago and it’s so true.

I only took a couple of photos, none of which are very inventive but in the spirit of sharing here are a couple

I have also realised since the day that Serena (who did an incredible job making the day fun and well organised - thank you!) fronts an awesome metal band . I wonder what other cool things you all do outside of your daily gooning.




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Damn, gutted I couldn't make it! I absolutely wanted to since it's been so long since I saw you lovely goons but alas life had other plans.

Looks like it was a right laugh and kept all the staples (ride restraint pun not intended) of a classic Live even after all these years - quite how you lucked out with both decent weather AND minimal crowds during a half-term weekend is anyone's guess! Though I wonder if anything can make faff at these events minimal 😉

Jesus Christ Thorpe repaint Inferno! At this rate it's going to be the same colour as the original Nemesis 💀
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