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20th Anniversary CF Live - THORPE PARK - 16th April 2023


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As I write this I am packing to move in with a friend. A friend I met on CF ten years ago. I have travelled all over the world with her. She is just one of the very brilliant people I have met on a CF Live who has become a fantastic friend.

When I think of CF Lives I feel a wave of sentimental joy. My mind gladly replays all the laughs in queuelines, the excitement of lapping a great coaster together, the nerdy jokes that only us goons would get. We've shared some amazing times together and built many valuable friendships between us.

I can't believe it has been 20 years since @Tomatron arranged the first meet up at Thorpe Park. Back then, RMC stood for Ready Mix Concrete. Thorpes long term development plan included a new type of 'wing coaster' on the distant horizon. Back then, a Eurofighter was cutting edge in coaster technology.

Rollercoasters have evolved, and so have we. Fresh student faces who graced those original Lives are now adults living life to the full (with the coaster-count numbers to prove it!)

Where better to celebrate 20 years of CF Lives than the place where it all started: Six Flags Over Chertsey (THORPE PARK) on SUNDAY 16th APRIL.

Meeting place and time: outside the toilets to the left of the park entrance between 9 - 9.30AM

You will need to arrange your own transport and park entry.

Clearly, this isn't a Live about getting new creds (although we will certainly be dedicating time to stare at the Exodus construction!) This is a Live to commemorate the CF community and the fun we have shared. Expect quizes, games, sweets and all the usual enforced fun I inflict upon you!

I hosted my first Live in 2018 and this will be the last one I am hosting. I'd like to see my CF Live tenure off with the fizz of a Freestyle Machine and the bang of heads at the bottom of Saws main drop. Any questions, let me know. See you on Stealth.