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2012 CF WC SF (2) reddude333 VS (4) deathfearsnone

Who Should Advance to the Final?

  • (4) deathfearsnone

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • (2) reddude333

    Votes: 8 66.7%

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^Thank you. And yeah, I kinda threw some foliage in there for the teaser, didn't get time to really think it through. The thing is, some people around here like when we use in-game stuff so I try to make everyone happy. Also, regarding the ground cover, I'm going for a more natural look as compared to planters and well-groomed bushes you might see in full-blown parks.

On a side note, I will really have to work hard to get this in by the deadline...two more midterms this Wednesday and then I will have a little more time (only a little) to work on it. Wish me luck!


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reddude i feel you need to get into high gear and finish this one due date is feb 3rd? I'll have one day to get this done good luck I look forward to seeing your entry:)

2 more Teasers




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I mean, the layout and most of the supportwork and theming is done but I just don't have as much time as I'd like with so many exams packed into such a small timeframe, not to mention they are all for upper division engineering courses. I will do everything I can, I can assure you of that.


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I don't mind people not using in-game stuff. It's just sometimes the custom stuff looks too shiny or too brownified(realism).


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I'm working on my video now so hopefully I'll have it posted soon. *fingers crossed*

[EDIT: Video complete. Rendering then posting to YouTube...should be fully submitted within the next 12 hours]


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I present to you: The Woodsman

Travel back in history to a time when the timber industry thrived. Set in and around an old saw mill, the Woodsman treks the backwoods of Virginia weaving through trees, fording rivers, and braving rocky terrain. Nothing can stop the Woodsman!

Shot of the waterfall, covered bridge and water splash with the mill in the background

A rocky section symbolizes the rugged and sometimes dangerous life of a woodsman

Lots of helices and airtime hills characterize the the Woodsman's layout

Here you can see a shot of the station with machinery inside as well as enjoy the beauty surrounding the station

And last but not least:



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What a brilliant coaster! It amalgamates seemlessly into the landscape, which is serene, and interacts perfectly with the plaza,and the waterfall, which is just drop - dead beautiful. The video really complimented the ride. My only problem is the speed of that 'jittery' water wheel!

Third best entry yet (After both of mine of course :wink: ) .


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Both of you guys have submitted really good rides, you should both be really proud, I'll put this up for voting as soon as Neal gets his in, so we can have the polls running simultaneously.

Great work chaps.


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I want to thank everyone who voted for me and for all the great comments. I always love to hear what you all have to say about my RCT3 projects. I will probably post more of the Woodsman and surrounding area on my creations thread.

I also want to thank deathfearsnone (Ethan) for making this round a competitive one. Even though the votes ended up a bit lop-sided, I honestly think you deserve a lot of credit for Luna. Superb supportwork and lighting. The overall concept was quite refreshing. The transitions were tight and the landscape was integrated well into the design.

One thing I'm wondering though...how come there were so few voters for our matchup compared to Nick and Neal? Just thought that was interesting...

Anyway, looking forward to the next round :-D


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I thought it was equal when I first looked.

Perhaps the fact Col's and neal's were tied, meant 'Call to Arms Happened'. It's a shame they didn't have the time to come and give opinion on this thread so we could have had a more realistic result.


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That's pretty much what happened. I plugged my LotR cred on Facebook to the desired effect. :)

I too was also surprised by the one sided nature of this contest, although I simply adored them both, I had to vote for deathfearsnone because reddude's touched the floor <///3


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"Touched the floor"? That was kinda the idea of the coaster...a ground hugging terrain woodie...ah well, to each their own.