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2012 CF WC SF (2) reddude333 VS (4) deathfearsnone

Who Should Advance to the Final?

  • (4) deathfearsnone

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • (2) reddude333

    Votes: 8 66.7%

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This is a 2012 CF World Championship Semi-Final match up between (2) reddude333 and (4) deathfearsnone

The stipulation is - Past VS Future - deathfearsnone (Future) reddued333 (Past)

Entries to be in by 3rd February.

(2) - reddude333 - The Woodsman


(4) - deathfearsnone - Luna




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I'll take past...still not sure what I want to do with it but I'm pretty sure I would prefer to work with past...


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Cool, cheers man, main post is updated.

Yeah I'm a bit like that with the future, don't really know where to start, this should be an interesting round.


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Is it that the future is potentially infinite in possibilities and that much freedom is overwhelming?

Because with the future you could do a theme of "The past being fashionable again but with a modern twist". Or "Forgotten knowledge of the past being rediscovered" like with the Renaissance where Europe rediscovered Greek knowledge and also started breaking the restraints of experimentation.


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I did a past/future park once and the past is so much easier.

It's because everyone has a reference for the past. You see jungle and dinosaurs and it fits (roughly) into your "prehistoric time" model. If you do a castle and moated buildings, it fits you "medieval period" model.

So you immediately recognise what it is.

Doing the future, you first need to create a model in your head of what your future world will be. Then you have to sell that model using just the RCT park. It's easy in films and the like, because you have so much more diversity in ways to present and sell the model. With just an amusement park, it's really hard to do.

That doesn't mean it's impossible, and the range of potential means that you can create much more fantastic and varied parks. It also means that you're not as likely to fall into the trap of "these old world parks always look the same".

Personally though, I do think it's a lot more difficult to sell a future park, and when creating it, you have a much steeper incline to face. When you've got it though, you can really create something wonderful.


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Literally any theme can be used for the past, except for Supernatural themes or Science Fiction themes.

And vice versa for the Future, but you can use literally anything. Just you have a problem of 'justifying' it.


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I think I have my coaster theme planned and I've been putting something together today. I just have so many ideas bouncing around in my head that it's hard to commit to any of them fully. If I just stick to what I've started I think it will be good though.


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guess i can post a few teasers

its coming along nicely hopefully get the supports done and start working on a theme friday night/saturday morning


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The supports and footers definitely look like Intamin.

Now you're making me feel like I need to put out a teaser. Maybe over the weekend...


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My guess is that the bottom right footers implied 'inverted' track, and then it seems to stay 'sit down' side. So the only coaster I can think of that fits is a Lie-Down. But the rest of the supports disagree. In less the ride spends a lot of its time lying down.

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Not much to see so far, but it does look lovely and detailed. Perhaps the ground texture and bushes are too in-game perhaps - I'm too used to admiring RCTLounge high quality stuff now :s