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2012 CF WC SF (1) Colossus VS (6) nealbie

Who Should Advance to the Final?

  • (6) nealbie

    Votes: 9 52.9%
  • (1) Colossus

    Votes: 8 47.1%

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Yeah, I got lazy last round and didn't review anyone's. Kinda felt bad about it. If you or anyone wants a full review let me know and I'll give you my opinions. Just never really got around to it for whatever reason.


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Ladies and gentlemen..... Dare you enter Moria and traverse the dangerous Bridge of Khazad-Dum? Immerse yourself in Middle Earth and enjoy the ride of your life upon.....


NB: If I EVER see a "large rock" again, it will be too soon!


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reddude333 said:
Yeah, I got lazy last round and didn't review anyone's. Kinda felt bad about it. If you or anyone wants a full review let me know and I'll give you my opinions. Just never really got around to it for whatever reason.

Yeah man, opinions are always welcome, no hurry,just when you get 5 minutes.

Well done Neal that's a really cool ride, I have thought about doing a LotR coaster before but have never been able to pull it off, so well done mate, this is really good.


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Tilters are clearly this winter's fashion, although mine lays in ruin as I had to demolish half of it to be able to record F7.


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You have my utter sympathise. My immense duelling Toboggans will no longer exist. The Plug-hole element actually gave me goosebumps watching it. Cry.


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Really good entries both of you!

Colossus, I liked the fact that you didn't go down the stereotypical route. I liked the twists and your presentation is always impressive from what I've seen. Conceptually interesting but at the same time, I felt it was too 'present.' I did enjoy everything being 'clean' but some of the theming seemed a bit awkward or abrupt, if that makes sense. That could just be me. The layout is very nice though and I liked the trains and track itself. The end though felt a bit strange...The video was appealing as usual. All in all, a great job for what you were trying to pull off - anyone else would've done this terribly!

Neal, the dedication to detail with placing each rock scores lots of points! It feels very complete and I like the interaction and setting; both physically and conceptually. The pacing keeps the ride alive, I think. The different elements are integrated well with clever transitions. The colour choices and theming are spot on, and I definitely get a mine/ LotR feel from it. I like that it's a complete world too, with the mountains, etc. I liked the mood and it definitely felt realistic; I could definitely imagine riding this and that's the sign of a good layout! I would say there are almost too many rocks(!) but to be honest, as a mine, it works and it doesn't really detract from the overall.

In conclusion...I think Neal just clinches it for me, as there were a few niggly bits with Colossus' submission for me. I felt Neal's was smoother overall. But both are very, very good and well done to both of you! :)


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Since we're posting opinions before the poll closes;

Because both entrants had really unfortunate technical problems which erased progress they had made, both entries had issues.

Colossus' felt very safe. nealbie had three lift-hills and an obsession with helai.

However I did vote for nealbie because the sections that wasn't many helai and excessive lift-hill I found very exciting to watch.


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I might as well post an abbreviated opinion here, as other people have begun to do so as well.

Let's start with Nealbie. You seemed to combine a sort of "standard" Vekoma coaster with a tilt coaster, which I think was done really well. You also had a badass name. I do admire your attention to detail with the scenery, and I think your effort really shows. I think the massive scale of the ride fits the theme really well, you had good texturing for the most part, and that the smoke really added to the feel of the ride. However, you had too many rocks of the same type, like WAY too many. (To the point where it looks cheesy/fake.) The station was very scant (no building, CS, etc.) and being as long as it was, most of the ride didn't feel necessary, I would've preferred it to be a little more concise (and Fantasia wasn't a one-and-done coaster).

Now, let's go on to Colossus. The scenery and keyholes were marvelous. I felt there were was a good balance of in-game scenery and CSO's. The pacing on the ride was really good, as was the progression of elements. The themeing and surrounding area, queue, etc., was stunningly gorgeous. However, there were some cons to go with those pro's. The end of the layout required a second lift hill and didn't scream "B&M Wing Coaster" to me, especially with the lack of banking, etc. Also, the braking was really abrupt, and the last part of the layout may have been avoidable if you hadn't added that harsh MCBR. Also, there was some clipping, but it was fixable.

After weighing the pro's and the con's, I had to think. I had to think long and I had to think hard. In the end, though, I decided to give my vote to Colossus. The scenery was great to look at and, for the most part, the coaster really felt like a Wing Coaster. Both of you had great entries, and F7 and Druin's Bane will both be regarded as two of the best coasters in the tournament.


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In the event of a tie, I would almost lean toward some sort of tie-breaker as opposed to just choosing one based off of some sort of technicality...but if others have good ideas that's fine too. Just thinking ahead...any thoughts?


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reddude333 said:
In the event of a tie, I would almost lean toward some sort of tie-breaker as opposed to just choosing one based off of some sort of technicality...but if others have good ideas that's fine too. Just thinking ahead...any thoughts?

I see what you mean, but I wouldn't know where to go with that, without holding everything up, the only thing I could think off would be the usage of pre-made content, here's what I have to offer on that front.

1 fully finished and recorded ride that has remained hidden for a few months
1 fully finished and partially recorded ride (Wing Coaster from my topic)
2 fully finished and un recorded rides.

I could have the top one up in five minutes if I needed to for a tie breaker, but it obviously depends if Neal has anything?

We could have a screenshot play-off, but again it would need t be all pre-made stuff as we could have say 5 different shots each, but they would have to be ready like now. because we haven't really got time to be recreating more stuff.

EDIT - Our futures lay in Porte's hands :)

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I took the time to watch the POVs and to think more precisely about what I like/dislike about each entry, so that I can write a more relevant (I hope) commentary. I've picked a choice.

But first, I'd like to say that I've seen two genuinely creative and distinctive entries, both in their respective themes. They both lack some detail, it is understandable considering the little amount of time you've had.

Colossus - F7

The theming brilliantly suits the "future" criteria. Though it's not a very relevant element in my final decision, I really like the fact that you've utilised Klinn's CSOs. A nice use of some very early RCT3 custom content. The overall result is quite impressive for a 5-day work (reminds me of my own effort for your Intamin contest, :) ). The layout has a good B&M feel except for the end - as BBH already pointed out. The footchoppers/headchoppers were clever if not original. I like the interaction with other attractions and in-game SF scenery. The underground section - under the glass - was a pleasant idea. I really regret that you've lacked time to complete this : pathway textures were a bit uninspiring and too basic for me, and I would have loved to see some more complex architecture, involving more CSOs (though shyguy's OfficeDay makes a great start !). Anyway, it remains definitely worth watching :)

(Btw, F7 reminds me of CD5's EarthQuest Adventure, which too has a futuristic wing coaster : Link )

Nealbie - Durin's Bane

The whole creation has a genuine menacing atmosphere which I really like. The rain plus night setting does contribute to this :) Terraforming is soooo often overlooked and I'm glad you've created such a crazy terrain full of peaky mountains. The terrain texture skills could be improved but this is already a great effort. (Great colour pattern by the way) Using a Vekoma tilt coaster is also a valuable choice. It's bold, and you've made a rather good use of it. The layout isn't too much repetitive, uses different elements, and has great pace. I find it a bit dull and long however. Even though you've tried to vary a bit the rocks you've selected, it remains too bland, especially since the rocks were put on basic flat ground.
Overall, despite many thoughtful ideas, Durin's Bane lacked coherence and finishing in my opinion. You actually used a nice stair scenery for your station, but there was no realistic station at all :s This is very promising anyway.

Verdict : Colossus goes to the final for me ;)

EDIT : Wait... two other people voted for Nealbie in the meantime ? :eek:


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Wow! The bitter taste of defeat? I don't really know what to say really? But I'm not going to whine and moan, instead I'm going to congratulate Neal on advancing through to the finals, his ride, although completely different to mine, is a cool ride, and I know he can produce another one for the final.
I'm still totally happy with F7, (when giving their judgement some people seem to forget it was constructed in 5 days) there's no way that ride could have been better in the time frame I had (admittedly that was my fault ;) ) and I pushed out something in five days that should have taken 3 weeks that I'm genuinely happy with and as long as I'm happy with a ride that's all that matters for me.
Also Coastercrazy and Neal have raised their games substantially and if thats just because they have been in competition with me, then I'm really happy also, it's fantastic for the future competitions if people are raising their games and pushing out a higher caliber of work,

So once again, well done to Neal, and thank you for giving me the next 3 weeks off ;) I can start my next project 3 weeks early now haha.
Well done also to Derek, his ride for this round was mind blowing, probably the best so far by anybody. shout-out to deathfearsnone also, I really enjoyed Luna, it definitively deserves some attention as a cool ride.
But yeah 1 thing I also find odd is why this round had soo many votes in compared to the other? Strange?


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Colossus said:
But yeah 1 thing I also find odd is why this round had soo many votes in compared to the other? Strange?
It's obviously very popular: it's been drawing in votes from forum members who have never had the slightest interest in the games section before. Even better Colossus, they must love the work you pair are doing because they only voted in this poll, and not the other one between Reddude and deathfearsnone.

So congratulations Colossus, you've managed to make the games section popular beyond the normal reaches with this competition - an astounding effort all round and I look forward to the final.