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“THE SW8 IS OVER!” Alton Towers, Sat 17 March


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Getting exciting now. I keep catching myself humming the Hall of the Mountain King.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but will a wooden rollercoaster operate in cold conditions?
I remember not being able to ride Colossos in Heide Park until the temperature was above 10°C on that day.
And this is Merlin we're talking about...


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It was running last week when it was 7 degrees....

....forecast for Saturday is 2 though.


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Suppose I should have seen this coming after I put my winter coat away yesterday! The rest of the weekend doesn't look much sunnier.
Even Merlin won't take the decision to close due to weather lightly - it's been a hard enough job for them to make people like this ride as it is.
Anyone know the minimum temperatures Wodan, J&D or Troy will operate in and work it out from there - all three parks have a Winter season of some kind :)


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And to be fair after the Smiler debacle on opening day where they gave everyone free tickets, I imagine they'd have to do similar anyway.


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Forecast now saying 0. There's actually quite a considerable chance that it doesn't open isn't there? Hmm. Still got a day and a bit to go so it could change.