1. VonRolland

    Inka Park & Resort 2025

    I've just discoverd a youtube video and website on Jora Vision's FB discussing a brand new resort for Peru, details include... Location will be on the coastline of Peru near the Playa Grande site, It is hoping to be a full resort with a surface of over 500 ha, the resort will be made up of...
  2. Matt N

    Disneyland Resort announces DisneylandForward, a major resort expansion

    Hi guys. Disneyland Resort in California gave us a rather surprising reveal today; they’ve revealed that they will be building a third theme park, along with more resort expansions: Really exciting stuff! I wonder what the 3rd park will be, or what it might entail? There’s not much info at...
  3. GuyWithAStick

    Parques Reunidos Purchases Knoebels Another one bites the dust...