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Inka Park & Resort 2025


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I've just discoverd a youtube video and website on Jora Vision's FB discussing a brand new resort for Peru, details include...

Location will be on the coastline of Peru near the Playa Grande site, It is hoping to be a full resort with a surface of over 500 ha, the resort will be made up of:

*Carnival Boulivard, will have plenty of Food & Beverage, shows, music and entertainment
*Yaku World, a waterpark with slides, beaches & relaxation zones
*Gran Theatre, 'spectacular nighttime shows' but seems to show Puy De Fou images
*Accomodation includes the Inka Hotel & Inti Village
*A 36 hole Golf Resort with Golf Club
*Heritage Park, Landscapes, educative, active & cultural entertainment
*Eden Project, botanical gardens & events showcasing a sustainable future

Inka PArk.jpg
*Inka Park, with over 50 attractions. Area's include (Concept Art Remember Guys 👀)
*Adventure Town - Lakeside settlement which is the first major area in the park seems mainly F&B, Merchandise with an Outdoor Theatre? and 1 or 2 Zamp flat rides

*Expedition Paititi - Jungle themed with a Junior Drop tower, medium sized junior coaster and a Flying Dutchmen esk water coaster & maybe a splash battle and show building so maybe a dark ride?

*Amaru River Valley - A Charming Inka Village with a wooden coaster, Rapid's & Outdoor Theatre

*Spirit Grove - Imaginative colourful world with what looks like a Maurer Spinner, Dodgems, Suspended Mono, waterride & couple of Zamp Flat's

*Cloud Forrest - Misty Jungle full of suprises looks like it has a Zamp Disko, an Invert/Flyer, Junior Cred and maybe a Water Coaster/Flume

*City of the Sun - Pay tribute to the gods in this area looks like a Large & Junior drop tower, Flume, Wing Coaster, Pirate Ship, couple of flat's and show building so maybe another dark ride?

Will this be the next London resort or will it go ahead?
Of course this is concept art so rides and attractions will no doubt shift when or if it opens :)



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Looks really nice, I love all the concept art (wouldn't expect anything less from Jora). The suspended monorail themed to sloths looks cute!

However Jora have worked on plenty of these park plans that have ended up never happening. This looks good though so fingers crossed for those involved and live near.