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Disneyland Resort announces DisneylandForward, a major resort expansion

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Hi guys. Disneyland Resort in California gave us a rather surprising reveal today; they’ve revealed that they will be building a third theme park, along with more resort expansions:
Really exciting stuff! I wonder what the 3rd park will be, or what it might entail? There’s not much info at present, but I think more might come within time. In terms of where it’s being built, it’s apparently using old parking space and some of the land that is currently part of Downtown Disney.

On a side note, I believe that this is the first time a new theme park has been added to an existing Disney resort since Walt Disney Studios in 2002, which is interesting!
EDIT: For some reason, the Facebook post isn’t embedding properly; here’s the direct link:


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Disney have launched a project website detailing their ambitions for potential expansions.


From the website and this graphic it appears they hope to expand both parks and use the middle of the site for more resort offerings. Not a third park.

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they’ve revealed that they will be building a third theme park
Well no, not at all - nothing (no third park, no resort expansion) is being announced or confirmed its just "ideas" that they want to put forward that they might be able to do in future if they are allowed to (local planning/politics/funding etc).

"news" ; notsomuch.
"interesting" - yes, definitely.


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One thing I'd like to see - simply because I'm anal like that - is them align all of their bloody park names. :D

I'll let them off having "Walt Disney World" be it's own thing, but why are the Asian parks Hong Kong/Shanghai/Tokyo Disneyland, yet the one in France is Disneyland Paris. In California it's a right mess - just "Disneyland"? Come to think of it, why are the parks in Florida "Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood Studios" too. Urgh, burdens.

I propose:
  • Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom/Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Magic Kingdom
  • Disneyland Paris - Disneyland/Studios
  • Disneyland Hong Kong
  • Disneyland Shanghai
  • Disneyland Tokyo
  • Disneysea Tokyo (I love the name Disneysea, but it does mess the pattern up a bit)
  • Disneyland Los Angeles - Disneyland/California Adventure
That's much better.

It's been a stressful week, okay...


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A public workshop was held earlier this week where Disney pledged to spend between $1.9 billion to $2.5 billion on new attractions, shops, and hotels (infrastructure and parking were excluded from the figure) should the city approve DisneylandForward. Around $30 million would also be invested in affordable housing in the area, and $8 million was pledged to city parks. Disney has also proposed to purchase surrounding streets from the city of Anaheim and spend close to $90 million on improving and extending them, as well as proposed a new 17,000-space parking garage with pedestrian bridges extending over Harbour Boulevard and Disneyland Drive.

Another workshop is expected next month, which will go over the development agreement with the city of Anaheim. The city is then planning to hold an official hearing in either April or May, and should things go well the project would be approved before June.

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DisneylandForward has passed unanimously in the first round of voting with the Anaheim City Council. The second round of voting (mostly a formality) is set for May 7th, and the plan would take effect 30 days after that.

One major development coming out of the meeting is that the Toy Story parking lot to the southeast of the resort has now been marked as potential theme park space, meaning there’s now land available for a third gate should Disney want it.