cedar point

  1. Hyde

    Top Thrill 2 - Baby I'm Ready to Go... Again!

    It isn’t every opening day that you get to ride a new roller coaster. And it’s not every opening day where you get to ride a renovated roller coaster. But to do both, -ish, at the same time? That’s something special. We started our morning with a quick coffee stop in downtown Sandusky, being...
  2. Hyde

    So Which Modification is Better (Or Worse?): Lightning Rod or TT2

    2024 will prove an interesting year for significant modifications, all in the name of reliability. In one corner, TT2 will be a magnetic, swing launch conversion swapping TTD's hydraulic launch following the 2020 accident. In the other, Lightning Rod shall swap it's magnetic launch (ironic) for...
  3. J

    What defunct coaster do you miss the most?

    What defunct coaster do you miss the most? For me: Shockwave at SF Great America/GASM at SF Great Adventure
  4. J

    What's your thoughts on Valravn?

    What's your thoughts on Valravn?
  5. Matt N

    Europa Park vs Cedar Point; Battle of the Golden Ticket Award winners for "Best Theme Park"

    Hi guys. In recent memory, two (as far as I'm aware) theme parks have won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Theme Park in the World. They're two pretty different theme parks, but they share the award in common, and they are Europa Park in Germany and Cedar Point in the USA (or Ohio, to be more...
  6. Skyye

    Cedar Point, October 2, 2021

    (Photos will come later, all of them are on my phone atm) Basically, a few months before my birthday, I had originally planned to go to Kings Island with a friend for my birthday. However, that friend was already busy with Homecoming stuff, so my dad and I ended up going to Cedar Point instead...
  7. MurphNation

    Construction/Teasing @ Worlds of Fun

    Hi Everybody! I have just got home from Worlds of Fun located in Kansas City, MO and would like to share some information I have received from a long-time employee. I can not share the name or what coaster he was working at because their is a good chance he would loose his job. Besides their is...
  8. R

    Magic Mountain vs. Cedar Point

    Both parks are the coaster capitals of the world. With so many to ride, it is worth spending 2 days at one park while spending the night at a nearby hotel. This thread will have these two go head to head in a collection of categories. Coaster Lineup, Theming, Dining, etc. Tier rankings are...
  9. B

    Interesting... Cedar Point 500ft Confirmed

  10. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Cedar Fair Investing Around 140 Million In 2020

    Just seen Amusement Insiders video on the Q2 Stock Holders call. For now, it is said that Canada's Wonderland have green light on the hotel, apparently announcing something on August 14th and there's possibly one or two more coasters (other than Kings Island) in 2020...and it could be a smaller...
  11. F

    What coaster do you think Cedar Point will get in the next 3 years?

    My guess for the next coaster is either a gci, a trex, or a gerstlauer infinity.
  12. Furiustobaco

    Cedar Point- From the perspective of a british pleb

    Ever since I was young I always have dreamed of visiting Cedar Point. Sure it doesn't have as many coasters as Magic Mountain but I feel like Cedar Point has undeniably the better lineup in terms of quality over quantity. The park also a lot more history than Magic Mountain and is very popular...
  13. Geeky Pastimes

    Cedar Point May 2019

    So this was our first trip to Cedar Point, had been wanting to go for a long time but it's not the easiest place to get to from the UK! We ended up settling on going for Memorial Day weekend, flying direct from Heathrow to Detroit, then renting a car and driving to CP, staying at Hotel Breakers...
  14. Geeky Pastimes

    Cedar Point in a Storm

    So we've finally made plans to get to Cedar Point this weekend (from the UK so this might be a once in a lifetime thing), and now on top of being Memorial Day weekend, it's looking like the Sunday is going be full of thunderstorms. Our only full days there will be the Sunday and Monday, so we're...
  15. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Cedar Point Dorms

    Hi! I recently got hired for the 2019 season at cedar point. I live a fair distance away so I will have to get employee housing. To anyone with experience living there or knowing of anyone who did.; which employee housing option do you recommend and why
  16. Matt N

    Cedar Point 2020/2021

    Hi guys. As discussion seems to have started in the Steel Vengeance thread about a potential 2020 coaster for Cedar Point, I decided to make this thread. Now, Tony Clark has apparently hinted multiple times at a 2020 coaster that will be akin to Steel Vengeance in terms of scale, and many other...
  17. Hyde

    Three Days At Cedar Point or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Goon

    How did you spend your previous weekend? Wait in many lines? Wait in many lines for 8 hours? Day 1 It really is a bygone era of amusement parks when 4+ hours waits were the norm. We are so used to: 1. Small turnouts for openings or 2. Rides with massive capacity factors. Yet Cedar Point did...
  18. Hyde

    Cedar Point - 8/5 - "The List"

    Our visit had exactly one objective: ride as much **** as possible. Friends and family were in town, and wanting to get in their annual trip while riding as much as possible. To accomplish this, we sought out "The List", a not-so-secret strategy for tackling all of Cedar Point's 16 roller...
  19. Zek_Teh_Kek

    A trip to Cedar Point for Band 5/12/17

    Hello! Just this past Friday, I was able to go to Cedar Point with my school's band, and I have to say, this was one of the best days I've ever been to Cedar Point! From 3 rides on Maverick, to hanging out with my friends, to even not having to buy a single locker the entire day! Now, time for...