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Interesting... Cedar Point 500ft Confirmed

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See the unpopular thing I thought of firstly was something new for Cedar Point Shores waterpark aha 😂 But since 2021 is already being teased, I'll keep my options very open and keep my prediction as a bird themed attraction

Youngster Joey

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Why is no one stoked for the 500 ft high coaster?
Because it's financial viability is incredibly low. Assuming this is real and isn't just a taller version of Top Thrill Dragster, you're looking at a HUGE plot of land and Massive expenditure of capital to make that happen. Those two things taken with the fact that Cedar Fair has said they're going to start spending less money on huge attractions in the coming years makes a 500ft coaster, at least as it seems now, nothing more then an enthusiasts wet dream.


Mountain monkey
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When I become dictator of the world, I'll round up all the people who say "confirmed!" when they mean "Actucally, I'm just pulling this out of my rear". They'll get to hang suspended from their toes in the dungeons of my grammar school. Every day I'll walk a round of the dungeon, telling the inmates "Good news! It's been confirmed that you will be released today!"
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