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    How sexy do you think you are?

    as ****.
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    Vertigo, Tivoli Gardens

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    Thorpe Park BOGOF

    Thanks guys! Papa Johns seems easiest but I've just had a massive Chinese buffet..... wanting them for tomorrow too. Guess we will have to make a detour to Tesco for a bit of early morning shopping in the hope of finding some!
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    Thorpe Park BOGOF

    Guys! Am in need of a bogof voucher or two for Thorpe Park..... I thought Tesco and WH Smith were doing them but it turns out they aren't...... any ideas where I can get some from? Any help would be greatly appreciated! x
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    pass holder

    I would just like to bump this topic as it is clearly the most fascinating and informative that has ever happened on here.
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    How manly are you?

    Corr you ruthless, manly animal.
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    The park with the most "worlds firsts"

    HOWEVER. So you'd better watch out.
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    The park with the most "worlds firsts"

    Hollycombe Steam Collection in Liphook, Hampshire has a **** **** load of rides powered by steam.
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    Do you trust fun fair rides?

    Considering I'm normally blind drunk when I ride them.... yes, I guess I do. Or just don't think about it....
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    Favourite season

    Summer; no contest.
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    How manly are you?

    87%..... Sort of agree with Hoyer though.... they could have made it alot more amusing.
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    Top Thrill Dragster vs. Kingda Ka

    Same for me.... I'd also queued five off hours for Dragster which may have taken some of the fun out of it as I was hot, bored and fed up by the time I got on it.... I thought the launch was better on Kingda Ka..... and surely on a ride like this that's the most important thing? Is for me...
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    Favourite major coaster at Thorpe Park?

    Saw. I love it, I think the theming is great and the whole ride experience is miles better than anything else on offer there.... this new one their building looks pretty naughty though.
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    Thorpe Park Fright Nights - How Frightening?

    **** terrifying.