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Thorpe Park BOGOF


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Am in need of a bogof voucher or two for Thorpe Park..... I thought Tesco and WH Smith were doing them but it turns out they aren't...... any ideas where I can get some from?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Martyn B

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Grrr, the Coke Zone vouchers aren't online no more, so posting the link is useless, but I did save one to my desktop. So if you give me your email address I can send you it as an attachment and you just print it off. They are genuine as I used one earlier in the year.

If you dont have the ability to print, but you are hungry, I got 2 BOGOFs with each pizza at Papa Johns yesterday...


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^O really? Last time I went Smiths I managed to get some (that was ages ago though).

I'm pretty sure I've seen the bogofs on a tonne of things though like multi-packs of crisps, laundry stuff, in newspapers and probably some other stuff too. If you're still struggling my Nan keeps finding more in newspapers, I'll have to ask her what ones.

So yeah just flick through some awful newspapers or just pop into your local supermarket and you should find some.


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I can send you some if you are really struggling, but as above they are around in a few places.


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Tesco still does them on the back of some of their own brand products. I think its mostly their cerials and things like crisp multi packs. But yeah look on the back of their own brand products and you will find some.


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Thanks guys!

Papa Johns seems easiest but I've just had a massive Chinese buffet..... wanting them for tomorrow too. Guess we will have to make a detour to Tesco for a bit of early morning shopping in the hope of finding some!


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Just saw a advert on TV for the sun newspaper saying you will be able to get 241's from them starting tomorrow


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Appreciated Martyn, but after digging through my cupboards I've found a Tesco packet of pasta with a voucher on the side. Cheers anyway.


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I know you're sorted, but in case anyone else is looking at the moment. Apparently they're now impossible to find in Tesco. Someone at work went last Friday and was looking for one. They eventually found some on Frijj milkshakes apparently.