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    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    Jesus that edge walk looks rannnnnkkkkk. Great idea for an addition, though.
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    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

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    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    I'll write something about the Lives another time, because they've all been pretty ****ing epic in their own way. But imma leave this here. Pretty sure it's the only Live video I ever made ? Lawd knows. Bangin' weekend.
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    Universal Studios Florida vs Islands of Adventure

    IoA. I enjoy US but the lord baby Jesus knows that I can only take so many simulators. They're rank. && US is legit just.... Simulators as far as the eye can see ?
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    What is your favourite use of special effects on an attraction?

    That final scene on Vliegende Hollander is just RIDICULOUS. I ADORE IT* *after that point the coaster sucks ass.
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    New Merlin "Annual pass"

    I wouldn't base getting an AP on an experience of boggy CS. Revisiting a park maybe. However I doubt people head to the AP office with cash in hand, ready to get a pass, then suddenly reflect on that time Becky from Slough stood up for herself because they told her to smile on a bad day and so...
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    Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area | 2021

    This area is looking so lush! So weird to think that the last time I visited the biggest attraction was the Runaway Train (that, at the time I was TERRIFIED of). Those adult seats on the driving school cars are cool. Would deffs be sat on the back slapping other drivers in passing, in the hope...
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    Chessington World Of Adventures | Croc Drop | Zamperla Sky (Drop) Tower

    I do enjoy the Croc, looks super impressive for a "small" addition, and will really bring back some life to that area. Much better than ye olde screeching hunk of ****e. I can't wait for Croc to gag on me as a slither down that shaft. ?‍♀️
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    Swarming Up For The Season | Trip Reports

    This Live was ****ing great. It's been years since I attended a Live and even longer since it was THAT good. It was so full of nostalgia, fun and just general CF goonery. The lack of queues, the care free attitude, the best company with so many old friends. (Great to see such a large turn out...
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    Bobbejaanland | Fury | Gerstlauer Triple Launch Coaster

    This looks insane. On paper. It will really stick out against the rest of the park which is, you know.... Disgusting. As happy as I am they're getting something potentially amazing, they should really invest a LOT more money into improving the rest of the park.... Hopefully this project is a...
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    What impressed you the most in the past year?

    HangTime at Knotts. It's rare for me to find a coaster that a poop my pants on, however the hold on the first drop, joined with the clam shell restraints.... **** Central up in that back row! Mine Blower at Fun Spot was a super decent surprise, too. Intense amount of airtime and the inversion is...
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    CF Lives 2017

    Asterix on the Sunday for me. Being my second local park to Disney and having Sundays off, it's just more convenient for the only live I'll be able to attend this year.
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    Parc Astérix | Pégase Express | Gerstlauer Family Launched

    This topic has been forgotten about! Anyway, it's no longer a rumour, and construction started a couple of months back with a HUGE land clearing in the back portion of the Greek area of the park (it stretches from behind the mad house/rapids all the way back to Discobelix/Zeus) The park has...
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    Disneyland Paris Updates

    It did re-open but its annual maintenance (Or so i assume that's what it is, could be something else) Is currently taking place and scheduled to re-open around the 22nd Jan.
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    Disneyland Paris Updates

    Yeah, it's sucky. But realistically, to get everything ready in time for the 25th, it's the only option (I'm not trying to justify the fact they've dug themselves a disgusting hole and are paying the price now). As of Today all of these attractions are closed: Disneyland Railroad (including...