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Rank Your Visited Six Flags Parks


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Self explanatory.

  1. Six Flags Magic Mountain - I had an amazing time there this past summer. The park was fairly clean, has an awesome setting, and an incredible ride lineup.
  2. Six Flags New England - It was tough to choose between SFNE and SFMM for the top. SFNE is the cleanest Six Flags I've visited, has an awesome location, and a fantastic ride lineup.
  3. Six Flags over Georgia - People bash this park so much due to bad experiences with staff and clientele so maybe I got lucky. The park was beautiful and I enjoyed every ride we went on.
  4. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - All the rides are located in one area which makes it easy to mow through the park. The animal enclosures are an added bonus.
  5. Six Flags Great Adventure - Great ride lineup but clogged with people. Had to grind through an entire day to get on everything.
  6. Six Flags Mexico - SFM is a park where you don't expect much on your visit and are pleasantly surprised. It's a proper Six Flags amusement park with the best SLC and boomerang in the chain. Superman and Medusa are excellent as well. Although the park is chronically packed like sardines due to serving a city with a population of over 20 million.
  7. Six Flags St. Louis - It isn't a bad park by any stretch of the imagination. Its location on the side of the hill is nice and the rides are decent. It's just missing a few "wow" rides.
  8. Six Flags Great America - I've visited the park three times. Every single time it was dick to ass with nasty clientele and the staff was always horrendous. The only things saving this park are Goliath, X-Flight, Batman, Viper, and Whizzer.
  9. La Ronde - Beautiful location on the island, but it's incredibly dirty and aside from Goliath and Vampire there isn't much else worth riding.
  10. Six Flags America - I actually never want to go back because it's that bad.

Not visited:
Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
The Great Escape


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Six Flags Magic Mountain - Because X2, Superman, Tatus, Ninja, Riddler, and Lex!
Six Flags Great Adventure - Because El Toro and Zumanjaro and to a bit less, Nitro
Six Flags Great America - Not really sure, but I've always had a nice day here

Six Flags Over Georgia - Current Home SF Park (just six hours away!)
La Ronde - So... many... flats <3 (although in the last few years, they've started removing some)
Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags New England - Ex-Home SF park
Great Escape - I used to love, love, love this park... But it makes me sad to see SF kill the charm the park once had... But, uh, Comet <3
Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags America - Eh
Six Flags St. Louis - Meh

American Adventures - went for the credit, stayed for the water park (Six Flags White Water)
Six Flags Darien Lake (As a SF park and non-SF park) - Better as a Six Flags park? Although not much changed
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (As a SF park and non-SF park) - Waayyyyy better post Six Flags <3 Storm Chaser <3
(and Elitch Gardens but only post SF) - Oddly nice park? Went in with the most minimum of expectations and found a rather nice, small park.

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  1. Six Flags Great Adventure- My current home park <3. It has great landscaping and a fantastic coaster collection. The only Six Flags park where I think it's nice to just be there.
  2. Six Flags Fiesta Texas- Such a weird park I love it so much. The quarry setting is so unique and allows for some great coaster moments. The scenery setting really elevates the park, but it also has shockingly well thought out and themed areas. Loved practically all of the park. Considering putting this at number one, admittedly.
  3. Six Flags Over Texas- My last visit was in 2008, but I do remember it being a very nice park with some great scenery and shade.
  4. Six Flags New England- Tiny, tiny park, but it has two absolutely amazing coasters and a decent supporting lineup. It's nothing amazing, but it was a nice visit.
  5. Six Flags St. Louis- A nice, charming little park. Its collection is s**t overall, but it's one of the best Six Flags parks to be in overall.
  6. Six Flags Magic Mountain- Amazing, amazing coaster collection, but I had an overall very negative visit. 7 major rides closed and waits reaching 4 hours! I'm hoping to revisit at some point to properly enjoy it.
  7. Six Flags Over Georgia- Ya, I just really don't enjoy being at this park. It's hard to navigate and just, unpleasant mostly. Luckily Goliath is absolutely amazing, and I imagine Twisted Cyclone will elevate the park.


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1) SFGAm. I've lived next to it for all my life, I've worked there, and I've got to know the park like it's my second home. Yes, I have my critiques, but all of my pros outweigh the cons.

2) SFStL. It's a very nice little park. Not too crowded, decent lineup, and has a nice charm to it. Some things can be much better in terms of maintenance, but I still enjoyed my day there.

3) SFA. Yes, it is my lowest SF park, but I feel like some people bash on it a bit too much. The whole front half of the park is decently themed, well shaded, and feels like any other park. However, that Gotham City area is atrocious. Huge concrete jungle without shade? No thanks. The ride lineup is ok. I missed all the supposedly good rides there, so that's a bummer.

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1. Magic Mountain: my favorite coaster lineup by far of any park. X2 at night is a sexual experience
2. Fiesta Texas: Clean, great lineup, beautiful location.
3. Discovery Kingdom: Expected a cred run, got an amazing park with a unique lineup.
4. Over Texas: Giant, Freeze, Joker, Titan
5. Great America: It's been nearly 15 years, so I'm sure a lot has changed, but I loved the look, lineup is at least respectable

And because I can
Astroworld: RIP

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I'm going with the same favorite as most of the others have gone so far, SFMM. I liked the place and I still rank it as my favourite non-German park.

...and that's about it. I haven't seen much of the states yet and my last visit to the continent was when I was 14.


1. Six Flags Magic Mountain - Best coaster selection by a mile, a nice park to walk around as well.
2. Six Flags Great America - Great coaster selection, nice to talk around, only criticism is the terrible operations but basically all Six Flags parks seem to suffer from that.
3. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Nice park, with decent coasters and a good atmosphere.
4. Six Flags Great Adventure - Fantastic coasters, shame the park itself is a complete ****hole with terrible operations.
5. Six Flags New England - A park with an Intamin hyper and an RMC should be a must-visit park but like Great America again, it's a terribly ran dump.
6. Six Flags America - Wasn't as dumpy as I was expecting but the coaster selection was pretty poor.

Gotta be honest, Cedar Fair in my mind pisses all over Six Flags.


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1. Six Flags New England- I kind of hate to do this because it's not really that nice of a park, but it's very hard to beat the one-two punch that is Wicked Cyclone and Superman.
2. Six Flags Fiesta Texas- It's a pretty park as far as Six Flags parks go, and it has a good lineup of rides. I actually quite enjoyed my day there, which is more than I can say for most parks in the chain.
3. Six Flags Great America- A good line up of coasters, but every time I have gone it has been really, really busy which somewhat detracted from my experience. Goliath is great and they have a lot of good supplementary coasters.
4. Six Flags Great Adventure- There are a lot of above-average rides here, but the park is trashy. The K6.a/Toro combination is pretty solid and they have a lot of other good or above average rides on top.
5. Six Flags Over Georgia- This probably should be ranked higher because it's not a bad park, but nothing stood out to me there and I think I have PTSD from almost getting murdered in the line for Cyclone on bring a friend free day. The clientele was really, really bad.
6. Six Flags St. Louis- I don't understand the flack this park gets. I actually think it's a decent park with some fun rides, but it is definitely lacking a star attraction. It'd be one of the better parks if they installed something really mind-blowing.
8. Six Flags America- Eugh, this park is grotesque.
9. LaRonde- I don't which park out of 8, 9, and 10 I would rather spend a day at so they're all basically on par but LaRonde definitely has the worst operations, no shade, and nothing particularly great to ride.
10. Six Flags Over Texas- Eugh, this park is even more grotesque. Actually, it probably isn't a bad park but two bad experiences ruined it for us: disgusting Tropical Storm Bill and then bring a friend free day. So even with two days dedicated to the park, we only got a few creds and had to deal with awful, unintelligent staff.
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I've only done nine,

1. Six Flags Magic Mountain - I really enjoed this park on my two visits. The coasters are good (X2, Tatsu, Riddler's Revenge, Superman, Batman) and the setting is pretty nice on the hill.
2. Six Flags Great Adventure - Another one I enjoyed thanks to the coaster selection. It may be a bit rubbish, but Kingda Ka is pretty impressive and I really enjoyed El Toro and Nitro.
Six Flags Great America
3. Six Flags Fiesta Texas - The setting of this park bumps it up the list. I love the quarry faces and the way Superman and Iron Rattler interact with it. The Star Flyer is pretty cool there too.
4. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - We're definitely past the stand out ones now, but I remember quite liking this place.
5. Six Flags St. Louis - Another one with a nice setting on the hillside, and some half decent coasters.
6. Six Flags Over Texas - I think this park is pretty forgettable. They have the RMC and Titan and...? Although we did all nearly die on the bobsled in 2013.
7. Six Flags New England - I really didn't like this park. Superman/Bizzaro was good, but wasn't as good as I was expecting and it was busy and a hassle and generally just not fun.
8. Six Flags America - I got spited out of Superman, it's all concrete and the rest of the rides are sub-average at best. If I ever go back, it'll be to ride Superman and then leave. Really didn't leave me feeling impressed.

I'm missing (listed in order of what I think looks best to worst):
Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Mexico
La Ronde
Great Escape


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!. Magic Mountain
2. Great Adventure

Here endeth my experience of Six Flags parks.
To be fair I had a fantastic day at both parks, was lucky enough to be blessed with low crowds, long hours, good weather and good operations. It's close, but I think Magic Mountain pips it with their coaster line-up.

Jaiden M.

1 - Magic Mountain. Such a good coaster lineup and with Justice League this year and the frisbee next year they really are starting to balance out.
2 - Discovery Kingdom. Some unique coasters but their ride lineup is somewhat repetitive (superloop & skywarp, Two triple launch coasters, two frisbees). The animals make up for it though.


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Do I even want to know...
Go-on then.

On a trip a few years back with @Error, @kimahri, @Youngster Joey (or @ASteelersMidget now), @Hyde and @Snoo we all rode La Vibora in the same train. The ride op was fairly sure we wouldn't fit, but when we did his look of amusement turned to minor concern as he warned us we'd be having a fast ride. Sure enough, we absolutely flew down the track, getting scarily high on some of the corners. We were having a blast, up until the set of corners following the second MCBR. At this point the train was essentially hitting the guides on the side of the track and on one occasion the back wheels actually came off the track. We hit the brake run FAST, and the ride op reckoned that we'd had one of the fastest runs he'd ever seen. We were equal parts terrified and excited. Ahh... happy days. :D


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Go-on then.

On a trip a few years back with @Error, @kimahri, @Youngster Joey (or @ASteelersMidget now), @Hyde and @Snoo we all rode La Vibora in the same train. The ride op was fairly sure we wouldn't fit, but when we did his look of amusement turned to minor concern as he warned us we'd be having a fast ride. Sure enough, we absolutely flew down the track, getting scarily high on some of the corners. We were having a blast, up until the set of corners following the second MCBR. At this point the train was essentially hitting the guides on the side of the track and on one occasion the back wheels actually came off the track. We hit the brake run FAST, and the ride op reckoned that we'd had one of the fastest runs he'd ever seen. We were equal parts terrified and excited. Ahh... happy days. :D
That was one of the finest coaster experiences I've ever had.


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1.) Great Adventure - Amazing park with the safari, El Toro and Nitro. Not a huge fan of the state or the lose article policies, but oh well.
2.) Great America - It's my home park. Some days you love it, some days you hate it.
3.) Six Flags St. Louis - Really love the retro feeling of this park. It needs one more standout steel coaster though.
4.) Great Escape - Comet is good. Don't really remember the rest of the park that well. Haven't been in 10 years.
5.) Six Flags America - What a dumpy park


1. SFMM (not just the rides, the staff are in a class of their own). They don't really identify with the chain. Most of the time they refer to themselves as Magic Mountain without Six Flags.
[huge gap]
2. SFGADv: Coaster lineup.
3. SFGAm: Excellent lineup.
Nightmare: SFWoA.


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Most of the time they refer to themselves as Magic Mountain without Six Flags
I'm fairly certain that's how most SF parks are like. Great Adventure is often called 'Great Adventure', Great America is often called 'Great America', etc. etc.

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  1. Six Flags Magic Mountain - Wow what a whirlwind of a visit that was! X2 and Tasu are superb rides. Twisted Colossus was fab and there were so many other really great rides to back them up. I want to go back right new. Just, maybe, the park could do with a few less hills.
  2. Six Flags Great Adventure - Had a great day here with CF and El Toro wasn't even open. Another great line up and a park with great atmosphere. Shout out to whoever spray pained Superman's fence (and all of the grass behind it - such class).
  3. Six Flags Over Texas - Probably the SF park with the most character. I really enjoyed my day here and loved all the western theming under the trees, especially in the evening. The soundtrack really annoyed me though. I didn't need to hear 'In The Heart of Texas' ten times in one day. Like, I knew I was in Texas.
  4. Six Flags Great America - I really don't understand the hate. Yeah, it's not as good as some of the other SF parks, sure, but it's certainly not bad - especially not now with Goliath <3. Yes ok Raging Bull is turd and X-Flight pretty poor - but only compared to other B&Ms - they're still B&Ms! Viper backwards was a nice fun surprise too.
  5. Six Flags New England - I haven't been back since Wicked Cyclone's been built. I don't remember hating on the park as much as other people but I've sort of forgotten most of my day there so the best thing I can say is 'meh'. Bizarro/Superman is good but overrated.
  6. Six Flags America - Another Dutchman eurgh, And Ride of Steel with it's endless corners was utter crap. Nope.
  7. Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Hear me out... I've been twice, once pre- and once post-Iron Rattler. The first time they opened three rides all day. I had an appealing time. So my return visit was still plagued by bad memories of the first. I really dislike the boardwalk area. Iron Rattler is a bit overrated. Superman could use the cliff in a much better way - it just sort of bumbles about up there for a second. I just feel this park as so much more potential.
  8. Six Flags St. Louis - It's tiny and most of the rides are crap - including Boss. The only thing there I liked was Mr Freeze and I'd done one before.
  9. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Eurgh. Eurgh. Just no. Bye.
I can't talk about Six Flags parks and not have a bitch about the advertising. All the parks do it, although some are more guilty than others. The constant onslaught of ads in queue lines makes me RAGE! There's no variation and they only have like four on repeat so you are forced watch the same ones over and over again until your brain drips out of your skull and you loose every ounce of sanity you may have once possessed. STOP IT. STOP IT. Just STOP IT. AHHH! No I don't want to 'go big' and I don't give a **** about your medical insurance (that procedure should be free anyway). Eurgh, Six Flags. Eurgh.