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Other weird enthusiasms & interests


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So recently I spent a while on YouTube clicking from one odd video to another, as you do. At one point I found a YouTuber who dedicates his time to visiting/experiencing different elevators. Thought it was quite odd but interesting to know that it's a thing. Do you know of any other weird hobbies that could rival some of the absolute goonery witnessed here? Do share.

*We all know stamp-collecting and trainspotting are things. Keep it interesting!

Anyway, enjoy an elevator POV (I bet this is the B&M of elevators, I'm just too basic to realise)


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Well, I have the obvious Disney enthusiasm, but I also have others. Namely, I create music quite often and am working on screenplay ideas. They're both great creative outlets even if they don't end up taking me anywhere in particular. Of course, I listen to plenty of music and watch plenty of movies. I've also been very interested in the sciences lately, namely neuroscience. Brain patterns as well as the effects of addictive things like drugs or sugar on the brain and even how they can change brain functions fascinate me to no end.


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My other 'main' interest is Theater. Specifically Lighting and backstage tech. It's all super interesting and is quite impressive when you take into account how fast some of the changes have to be.

I recently finished a show that took Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and set it in the Glam Rock 80s. It was one of the best shows I've ever been a part of. So much good music!


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I see this thread has been dead for a while and here I am revive it..... It's honestly not weird but I love old architecture and get pretty excited for old houses especially victorian's.... I actually stayed in a historic hotel in saint pete fl for a weekend escape despite it's terrible reviews and I honestly enjoyed my stay even though the normal amenities like a mini fridge and TV we're missing.... I didn't even miss having a TV because most of our time spent there was walking around and browsing antique shops or down stairs in the hotels bar and grill meeting new people and getting wasted before waddling back to our room for sleep at 2am